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Adding moorings to a ship
is a nearly essential step in rigging it for its first journey. Though not in
any way required for the ship to function, a captain who ever intends to sail
his ship to a place without complete dock facilities will find them indispensable.

Moorings are a collection
of ropes, small winches and blocks and tackle which allow a larger ship to carry
one or more small boats (such as rowboats) and lower them from the gunwales
of the ship into the water below. Conversely, the moorings can be used to winch
the rowboat back aboard ship when its need is past. This simple use makes moorings
indispensable to the ship captain who sails to small sea towns or deserted coves.
By anchoring some distance from shore and sending men ashore in rowboats, the
captain can effectively use any bit of shore in the world as a port.

Moorings are sold without
the rowboats to use in them. The moorings for each boat are sold as separate

Moorings (per boat):
300 gp



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