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Usually forged of bronze,
a ram is an enormous curved beak attached to the prow of a ship, just below
the waterline. It is used to stave in the hull of an enemy ship by striking
it head-on at top speed.

An offensive weapon only,
a ram must be used by the attacking vessel, with must strike the target vessel
head-on, requiring the captain of the attacking vessel to make a Profession
(sailor) skill check (DC 15) to succeed. A successful hit does damage based
upon the mass of the ship using the ram in combat. For every ten feet of the
attacking ship’s length, the ram does 1d4 damage to the other ship’s
hull. Thus, a 100-foot long warship would deal 10d4 damage on any ship it struck
with its ram while moving at top speed.

A ship must be at least
40 feet in length to support the awesome weight of a ram.

Sea Ram: 4,000 gp



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