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Drebbel's first submarine Date 17th centuryDrebbel’s first submarine Date 17th century

Equipment Guide II

Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

Publisher Mongoose

Publish date 2005

ISBN 1-904854-97-4

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Amara will dutifully inform
anyone purchasing this vehicle that it is still very much in the experimental
stage, and that it may very well prove dangerous to operate.

The submersible is constructed
entirely of metal, a thin skin of steel plate riveted to a steel skeleton. It
is shaped like a tube, and can only be accessed by a hatch on top. The forward
momentum of a submersible is required by two people inside it operating a set
of pedals, which in turn power the screw on the back of the vehicle. It is steered
by a third person, who must manipulate a set of levers to cause the craft to
dive, surface or turn to port or starboard. There is a small window of thick
glass in the front of the craft, allowing the pilot to see outside. A cage mounted
beneath the bow of the vehicle is designed to hold an everburning
, starstone or sunrod.
Obviously, given its requirements for steering and propulsion, three people
are needed to operate the submersible, though it can accommodate as many as
five Medium-sized individuals.

The submersible can descend
as much as 225 feet before the pressure of the water above threatens to destroy
it. When descending, it can travel as fast as a speed of 30. Its speed when
ascending is limited to 10, and it can travel horizontally through the water
at a speed of 20. The submersible holds enough air to sustain its three-man
crew for two hours before surfacing becomes imperative.

Submersible: 4,500 gp;
1,250 lb.



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