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Extremely popular with
nomadic peoples, the house waggon is, essentially, a house on wheels. Longer,
wider and certainly taller than a normal uncovered waggon, the house waggon
is mounted on a sturdy frame with wide, thick wheels. Its sides are made of
wood, pierced on one side by a small door and often several little windows.
The roof is composed of wood as well, as thatch would not survive the constant
rumbling and vibration of a moving waggon. A small chimney pokes through the
roof at the back of the waggon. Though it is able to haul cargo as well as any
waggon, the house waggon is more often used as a travelling shelter.

In desperate circumstances,
the house waggon can also make an effective fort. The small windows of the house
waggon can serve as makeshift arrow slits, granting the archers within nearly
total cover, providing them with double the normal bonuses for cover (in other
words, they receive an armour class bonus of +8 and a Reflex save bonus of +4).
The thick wood of the house waggon grants it a hardness of five and 30 hit points.

Waggon, House: 250 gp;
1,000 lb.



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