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Equipment Guide II

Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

Publisher Mongoose

Publish date 2005

ISBN 1-904854-97-4

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This is a modification
that can be added to any existing waggon. A large socket is placed in the bed
of the waggon above the front axle, designed to hold a stout mast about 15 feet
high. The mast comes in two pieces which fit together inside a metal sleeve,
and the entire thing is secured in place in the waggon bed with a heavy metal
pin. A large sail is deployed from the mast, allowing the waggon to take advantage
of prevailing winds for propulsion. The speed at which the waggon moves is dependent
upon the speed of the wind, of course, but it will average about 15 miles per
hour. With very strong winds, the waggon can reach speeds of 40 to 45 miles
per hour. Winds of gale force or greater will destroy the waggon sail. This
simple and speedy means of transportation is only useful on flat, open land,
or, in the case of an amphibious waggon, on water. When the mast is not in use,
it is usually stored in a set of brackets beneath the bed of the waggon.

Waggon Sail: 40 gp



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