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Alexander old drawings Date Source Public Domain Author André Castaigne 

Alexander old drawings Date Source Public Domain Author André Castaigne 

Equipment Guide II

Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

Publisher Mongoose

Publish date 2005

ISBN 1-904854-97-4

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A wheel scythe is a specially
constructed wheel with a wide middle hub. Mounted on either side of the hub
are long blades, protruding out from the hub perpendicular to the wheel. The
blades are twisted in a gentle curve, built to maximise the effective cutting
area. Though useless as a defensive measure, the blades of a wheel scythe make
a devastatingly effective weapon.

A cart, chariot or waggon
equipped with a wheel scythe can be used to make a Ride-By
against a
foe, with a –4 penalty for the unwieldiness of the attack. The driver speeds
his vehicle past an enemy, sweeping close enough that the spinning, whirring
blades strike the foe with the full force of the vehicle’s forward momentum.
Anyone struck by a wheel scythe as it speeds past is subject to 2d6 points of
damage from the deadly blades, plus 1d3 points of damage for every ten feet
of the vehicle’s movement speed beyond ten. For example, a chariot travelling
at a speed of 30 would deal 2d6+2d3 points of damage with a successful wheel
scythe attack. Any creature that is size Large or smaller who is struck by a
wheel scythe attack must succeed in a Reflex save (DC 15) or be thrown to the
ground by the force of the blow. Creatures bigger than Large are immune to this.
In the case of a waggon or other two-axle vehicle which has wheel scythes mounted
on both axles, the driver may make a second attack roll for the second axle
as it passes the target, though this roll suffers a –8 penalty. Creatures
rendered prone by the first attack are immune to the second attack, as the blades
pass harmlessly over them. A wheel scythe has a critical threat range of 20
and deals x3 damage on a successful critical attack.

Wheel scythes can be made
with permanently mounted blades, or, for an additional cost, can be made with
removable blades. Attaching or detaching removable blades takes two minutes
with the proper tools. A removed wheel scythe blade cannot be used as a melee
weapon, as it lacks any kind of hilt or grip.

Wheel Scythe (Permanent
Blades): 75 gp/wheel

Wheel Scythe (Removable
Blades): 150 gp/wheel



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