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Equipment Guide II

Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

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Publish date 2005

ISBN 1-904854-97-4

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A cheap, unusual but sometimes
effective means of armouring one’s ship, By Sail and Wain often sells wool
bales to poor ship captains who cannot afford the more effective (and less ridiculous-looking)
hull armour. Still, despite the rather comical appearance, a ship armoured with
wool bales can withstand more punishment from rams and catapults than one without.
Amara began selling this strange armour after hearing a merchant ship crewman
recount a tale of its use in a battle with a pair of pirate ships. The captain
of the merchant ship, which was carrying a load of wool, had his men strap it
to the sides of the ship, dampening the blows of the enemy ships’ attacks
and somehow keeping the merchant ship afloat.

The wool bales sold at
By Sail and Wain are one foot thick and three feet wide, and come lashed together
with thick cords of braided leather. They are kept on deck, just behind the
ship’s gunwale. When needed, they can be heaved over the side, unspooling
to form a solid covering over the ship’s side, from the gunwhale to just
below the water line. A ship outfitted with wool bales enjoys a limited amount
of armour against attacks which rely on kinetic force to do damage, such as
rams and catapult stones. The damage of a ram is reduced by two points, and
the damage of stone or bolt from a siege engine, such as a catapult or ballista,
is reduced by one point per die of damage. Despite the efficacy of wool bales
against kinetic impact damage, however, they are very susceptible to fire. They
are usually kept damp with seawater to lessen this vulnerability, but still,
any fire-based attack against a ship armoured with wool bales will do an additional
one point of damage per damage die.

Wool bales must be replaced
every two months, or they will become useless with rot.

Wool Bales (per bale):
1 gp; 25 lb.



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