Glaive, Ripsaw

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Source: Pathfinder

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The blade of this glaive is serrated and mounted on an axle with a heavy cord wrapped around it.

Benefit: A heavy cord is wrapped around the axle; when pulled (a move action), the blade spins rapidly for a number of rounds equal to your Strength bonus. While the blade is spinning, it deals +2 damage; otherwise, treat this weapon as a glaive. Re-wrapping the cord around the spinning mechanism is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

Two-Handed Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Range Increment Weight Type Special
Ripsaw glaive 30 gp 1d8 1d10 x3 12 lbs. S reach, see text

Section 15: Copyright Notice - Pathfinder Companion: Gnomes of Golarion

Pathfinder Companion: Gnomes of Golarion. Copyright 2010, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Hal Maclean, Colin McComb, Mark Moreland, Jeff Quick, Sean K Reynolds, Steven Schend, and Owen K. C. Stephens.

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To Weapons

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