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(Bow): Arrow(s), Tangleshot


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This arrow is topped with
a small bottle containing a small quantity of tanglefoot goo. Elves frequently
use these arrows to slow or stop fleeing opponents or to capture animals without
killing them.

Benefit: You fire
a tangleshot arrow as a ranged touch attack; the arrow deals no damage when
it hits, but the target is splashed with the alchemical adhesive. The reduced
amount of the glue means this arrow is less effective than an actual tanglefoot
(DC 10 Reflex save, DC 12 Strength check to break, 10 points of slashing
damage to cut through, DC 10 Concentration check).

Drawback: The weight
of a tangleshot arrow reduces its range increment to half normal.

Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Range
Weight Type Special Source
Weapons (Martial)
tanglefoot (1)
20 gp see text see text see text see text see text see text see text EoG

Source Elves
of Golarion

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