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The sword and the picture are produced by Albion Swords Ltd.

sword and the picture are produced by Albion Swords Ltd.

This is the
favored weapon of the Northern Celtic Tribes

line art drawing of a claymore. Pearson Scott Foresman

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The Claymore
is one of the largest and heavy two-handed swords. It is a lot larger than greatsword,
although it has a high price, but its damage is formidable. Also, it needs some
basic training (the appropriate Exotic
Weapon Proficiency
feat which has an additional prerequisite of Strength 15).
It is very rare, too and legends say that a single blow from a Claymore can
cut a bugbear into two pieces.

larger than the intended size of the wielder may treat a claymore as a martial
weapon. Treat as a two-handed martial weapon for creatures one size larger,
as a one-handed weapon for creatures two sizes larger (with the appropriate
Exotic Weapon Proficiency
feat, the creature must choose at the beginning of each turn whether to wield
as a light weapon or a one-handed weapon), and as a light weapon for creatures
three sizes larger. In all cases, the penalty for wielding an inappropriately
sized weapon still applies.

Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage (S) Damage (M) Critical Range Increment Weight Type Special
Claymore 75 gp 2d6 2d8 19-20/×2 —
12 lb.

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