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dire flail is a double weapon. You can fight with it as if fighting with two weapons,
but if you do, you incur all the normal attack penalties associated with fighting
with two weapons, just as if you were using a one-handed weapon and a light weapon.
A creature wielding a dire flail in one hand can’t use it as a double weapon—
only one end of the weapon can be used in any given round.

using a dire flail, you get a +2 bonus on opposed attack rolls made to disarm
an enemy (including the opposed attack roll to avoid being disarmed if such an
attempt fails).

You can also
use this weapon to make trip attacks. If you are tripped during your own trip
attempt, you can drop the dire flail to avoid being tripped.

Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage (S) Damage (M) Critical Range Increment Weight Type Special
Flail Dire 90 gp   1d8/1d8
— 10 lb.

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