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A garrote is a length of
wire or thin rope with wooden handles at both ends. The wire is placed across
a victim’s throat and crossed behind the neck; when the handles are pulled tight,
the garrote strangles him.

Description: In
order for you to use a garrote, your opponent must be helpless or unaware of
you. You must make a grapple check (though you avoid the –4 penalty for
not having two hands free) to successfully begin garroting your opponent. Sneak
attack damage does not apply to a garrote. Your garroted opponent must make
a concentration check (DC 20 + your CMB + level of the spell he’s casting)
to cast a spell with a verbal component, use a command word item, or use any
magic requiring speech. You gain the following additional option when grappling
with a garrote.

Choke: You cut off
your target’s air supply so he has to hold his breath (see Suffocation,
and the Swim skill for additional information). Any round you do not maintain
the choke, your opponent can take a breath and restart when he has to begin
making Constitution checks.

Weapon Feature(s):

Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage (S) Damage (M) Critical Range Increment Weight Type Special
3 gp 1d4 1d6 x2 —
1 lb. S
grapple, see text

Source Adventurer’s

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