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1892 Oil painting 52x33 inches for Ludwig Deutsch 1892 Oil painting 52x33 inches for Ludwig Deutsch

The Quintessential Fighter
Author Matthew Sprange
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2002
OGL Section 15 qclr

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A fighter is far more than a mere sword-swinger. Indeed, he has the potential to be the most flexible character class of all, for his consummate skill in combat leaves plenty of room for role-players to concentrate on his background, past associations, recent history and most of all, why he actually became a fighter in the first place. Whether running from the forces of law and order as an outlaw, just completing a term of service within a mercenary warband or having performed heroic acts to defend his home village, every fighter has his or her own story to tell. Within this chapter we will take a look at greatly widening the possibilities for every character that starts off as a fighter.

Character Concepts provide a range of templates for each character class that will allow a player to quickly and easily create a ready background for every new character he generates. As well as providing both a small bonus and penalty to his character's capabilities, each Character Concept gives a ready base for role-playing, thus greatly shortening the time taken during character creation, as well as granting that oft-needed inspiration so important for a player to feel 'at home' with his new character.

Any one Character Concept may be applied to a character as it is being created. The listed bonuses and penalties are applied, any role-playing description modified and adjusted to take into account the template and then the character is ready to play! From this point forth, both the player and the Games Master should be aware of the Character Concept chosen and take steps to ensure the character is played accordingly. It must be stressed, Character Concepts are a role-playing tool, not simply a method to gain lots of new abilities!

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