To Gods

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Image used with permission from Howard David Johnson

Image used with permission from Howard David Johnson

Domnu is the Mother of the ancient race of the Fomorii, older sister of Danu she is Queen of the Oceans, Mother of Water. In Domnu’s watery realm of depth, shadow many riches are hidden.

Mother of the Fomorii, Queen of the Oceans

Intermediate Deity
chalice and the shell.
Home Plane:
Portfolio: Fomorii, Oceans
Worshipers: Fomorii
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Water, War
Favored Weapon:

Sacred Animal: dolphin, whale, salmon, seal and heron.
Traditional Allies:
Traditional Foes:
Divine Artifact:
Favored Class:
Favored Race:Fomorii

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To Gods

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