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Following their creation by Ra, Shu and Tefnut produced numerous offspring. The first of these was Geb, who became the earth. Geb was so enraptured with his sister, Nut (the sky), that they instantly embraced. After they had produced four children of their own (Isis, Set, Osiris, and Nephythys), Ra instructed Shu to break up the embrace.

Geb was once a curious and quick tempered god, but he has mellowed and now takes a more even-tempered (and safe) approach to life. Geb's true form is that of a huge man with dark brown skin and burning eyes. He always wears a golden crown as a symbol of his divine power.

Caption of picture in book reads: "The God Seb supporting Nut on Heaven" Caption of picture in book reads: "The God Seb supporting Nut on Heaven"

Duties of the Priesthood

Priests of Geb are friends of the earth. They have much in common with dwarves in that they love deep caverns and the splendors of mighty mountain ranges

The Lore of the Gods
Book 3 - The Egyptian Gods

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God of Fertility and Vegetation, King of the Riches Under the Earth, Father Under the Skies and Sands
Lesser Diety
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Symbol: A mountain, Goose
Home Plane: Heliopolis (Elemental Earth/Cavern Under the Stars)

Portfolio: The earth, miners, mines, mineral resources
Worshipers: dwarves, elementals (earth), fighters, miners and smiths
Cleric Alignments: CN, N, NE, NG, LN
Domains: Plant, Earth, Craft, Cavern
Favored Weapon: “Stonemantle” (quarterstaff)
Sacred Animal: Goose
Traditional Allies: Nut, Osiris, Earth dwelling races
Traditional Foes: Aberrations or beings that seek to upset the natural order
Divine Artifact: Staff of Earthly Might
Favored Class: druid, ranger
Favored Race: Dwarf, Gnome
Benefits: druid or rangers who worship Geb may cast spells from the Earth and Plant Domains at +1 caster level.

Geb is the god of the earth, son of Shu (the god of air) and Tefnut (the goddess of water); he is also brother and husband of Nut, and father of Osiris, Set, Isis, and Nephthys. He appears as a man with green skin (indicative of his role as a god of fertility and vegetation) or black skin (the color of the fertile Nile mud). Geb imprisons the souls of the wicked, so that they cannot pass on to the afterlife. His laughter is said to cause earthquakes.

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Cleric 20/fighter 10/Expert 10
Medium outsider
Divine Rank 10
Hit Dice 20d8+220 (outsider) plus 20d8+220 (Cleric) plus 10d10+110 (fighter) plus 10d6+110 (Expert) (1,140 hp)
Initiative +11 (+7 Dexterity, +4 Improved Iniative)
Speed 60 ft., burrow 60 ft.
AC 59 (+7 Dexterity, +10 divine, +23 natural, +9 deflection) touch 36, flat-footed 52
Base Attack/Grapple +40/+65
Attack +5 impact, knockback, sweeping stone quarterstaff +71 melee; or spell +65 melee touch or +57 ranged touch
Full Attack +5 impact, knockback, sweeping stone quarterstaff +71/+66/+61/+56 melee; or spell +65 melee touch or +57 ranged touch
Damage +5 impact, knockback, sweeping stone quarterstaff 1d6+22/19-20; or by spell.
Face/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks Turn undead 12/day (+4 to turning checks), Domain powers, salient divine abilities, spell-like abilities.
Special Qualities Divine immunities, DR 20/epic, fire resistance 15, spontaneous casting of divine spells, understand, speak, and read all languages and speak directly to all beings within 10 miles, remote communication, godly realm, greater teleport at will, plane shift at will, SR 42, divine aura (1,00 ft., DC 29).
Saves Fort +53, Ref +49, Will +51
Abilities Strength 40, Dexterity 24, Constitution 32, Intelligence 28, Wisdom 28, Charisma 29
Skills Appraise +46, Climb +70, Concentration +46 (+50 when casting defensively), Craft (blacksmithing) +64, Craft (gemcutting) +64, Craft (stonemasonry) +64, Craft (sculpture) +64, Diplomacy +48, Handle Animal +44, Heal +44, Intimidate +44, Jump +50, Knowledge (Arcana) +46, Knowledge (architecture and engineering) +64, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +64, Knowledge (Geography) +64, Knowledge (nature) +46, Knowledge (religion) +46, Knowledge (the planes) +46, Listen +46, Profession (miner) +67, Ride (Dexterity)(horse) +46, Search +46 (+50 with hidden or secret doors), Sense Motive +46, Spellcraft +48, Spot +46, Swim +50.
Feats Augment Summoning, Cleave, Combat Casting, Combat Expertise, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Staff, Divine Might, Earth Adept, Earth Master, Earth Sense, Earth’s Embrace, Elemental Healing, Endurance, Eschew Materials, Great Cleave, Heighten Spell, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Grapple, Improved Iniative, Improved Trip, Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Skill Focus (Profession [miner]), Spell Focus (conjuration), Spell Penetration, Weapon Focus (quarterstaff), Weapon Specialization (quarterstaff).
Divine Immunities Ability damage, ability drain, acid, cold, death effects, disease, disintegration, electricity, energy drain, mind-affecting effects, Paralysis, poison, sleep, stunning, transmutation, imprisonment, banishment.
Salient Divine Abilities Alter Reality, Alter Size, Avatar, Call Creatures (earth elementals), Create Object, Divine Blast, Divine Earth Mastery, Divine Shield, Extra Domain (Cavern), Gift of Life, Life and Death, Master Crafter.
Domain Powers Stonecunning (+2 racial bonus on checks to notice unusual stonework; can make a check for unusual stonework as though actively searching when within 10 ft. and can use the Search skill to find stonework traps as a rogue can; intuit depth); cast creation spells at +1 caster level; 13/day turn or destroy air creatures, or rebuke or command earth creatures; 10/day protective ward (touched subject gains +20 resistance bonus on next saving throw, maximum duration 1 hour).

Spell-like Abilities
Geb uses these abilities as a 20th-level caster, except for chaos spells and creation spells, which he uses as a 21st-level caster. The save DCs are 29 + spell level. animate rope, darkness, detect secret doors, earthquake, elemental Swarm (earth only), fabricate, fantastic machine, find the path, forcecage, greater fantastic machine, imprisonment, iron body, secure shelter, magic stone, major creation, make whole, maw of stone, meld into stone, mend fortifications, minor creation, passwall, polymorph any object, secure shelter, soften earth and stone, spike stones, stone shape, stoneskin, wall of stone, wood shape.
Cleric Spells/Day 6/9/8/8/8/8/6/6/6/6; base DC = 19 + spell level; DC 20 + spell level with conjuration spells.

Possessions: Geb uses Stonemantle, a +5 stone quarterstaff with the impact, knockback, and sweeping ability for combat

Other Divine Powers

As a lesser deity, Geb may take 10 on any check. He treats a 1 on a saving throw or attack roll normally and not as an automatic failure. He is immortal.

Senses: Geb can see, hear, touch, and smell at a distance of ten miles. As a standard action, he can perceive anything within ten miles of his worshipers, holy sites, objects, or any location where one of his titles or name was spoken in the last hour. He can extend his senses to up to five locations at once. He can block the sensing power of deities of his rank or lower at up to two remote locations at once for 10 hours.

Portfolio sense: Geb senses anything that affects the earth at least 500 miles wide, and he is also aware of anything that happens within a mining community of at least 500 people or more.

Automatic actions: Geb can use Craft (blacksmithing), Craft (gemcutting), Craft (sculpture), Craft (stonemasonry), Knowledge (architecture and engineering), Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (geography), and Profession (miner) as a free action if the DC for the task is 20 or lower. He can perform up to five such free actions each round.

Create Magic Items: Geb can create any kind of magic item dealing with earth elementals, earth, or crafting, as long as the item’s market price does not exceed 30,000 gp.


Geb appears as a huge, regal man of defined but craggy physique. He has dark brown skin, smoldering, dull red eyes, and a short, tightly braided beard the color of his skin. He wears a kalasiris in flowing earth tones, a golden crown, and beaten gold bracers around his upper arms.

Avatar of Geb: As Geb except divine rank 5; Spd 60 ft., burrow 60 ft.; AC 49 (touch 31, flat-footed 42); Atk +40; Grp +60; Atk +66 melee (1d6+22/19-20, +5 impact, knockback, sweeping stone quarterstaff) or spell +60 melee touch or +52 ranged touch; Full Atk +66/+61/+56/+51 melee (1d6+22/19-20, +5 impact, knockback, sweeping stone quarterstaff) or spell +60 melee touch or +52 ranged touch; SQ DR 15/epic, fire resistance 10, SR 37, divine aura (50 ft., DC 24); SV Fort +48, Ref +44, Will +46; all skill modifiers reduced by 5.

Salient Divine Abilities: Alter Reality, Alter Size, Divine Blast, Divine Earth Mastery, Divine Shield, Master Crafter.

Spell-like Abilities: Caster level 15th; saving throw DC 24 + spell level.

Sources: Powers and Pantheons (2E), On Hallowed Ground (2E), PHB 3.5, DMG 3.5, MM 3.5, Magic of Faerun (3E), Player’s Guide to Faerun (3.5E), Deities and Demigods (3E), Complete Divine (3.5E), Complete Warrior (3.5E), and Races of Stone (3.5E).

Staff of Earthly Might

This six-foot-long staff was crafted from a single piece of petrified oak and crowned with a large ruby diadem. There are no markings along the shaft that would indicate its function.

It is a +5 bane (air creatures)/defending/disruption weapon.

The Staff of Earthly Might has the following properties:

•The wielder can turn or destroy air creatures as a good cleric turns undead and rebuke or command earth creatures as an evil cleric rebukes undead. (As a 20 th level cleric)

•At will, the wielder may touch the end of the staff to any rock or boulder (up to 50lbs.) and launch it as if it were thrown by a giant. Maximum range is 180ft. with no range penalties. Boulders do 2d6+9 points of damage.

•The wielder may cast the following spells at will; entangle, soften earth and stone, plant growth, stone shape and meld into stone.

Control plants 5/day.

Freedom of movement 5/day.

Imprisonment 5/day.

Shambler 5/day.

Earthquake 3/day.

Trap the soul 3/day.

All spells are equal in effect to those cast by a 20 th level cleric.

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