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Die Niljagd der Kleopatra Hans Makart (1840–1884) Die Niljagd der Kleopatra Hans Makart (1840–1884)

A desert kingdom ruled by Great Pharaohs descended from Bast who belive they rule by divine right and belived to be living Gods

In the dawn of time there was only the ocean. One day, an egg floated to the surface the sea. It opened and Ra, the father of the Egyptian gods, stepped forth. Ra beget two children, Shu and Tefnut. These two newborn gods were lifted up to become the atmosphere and clouds. Like Ra, they quickly brought forth two of their own children - Geb, who formed the solid earth, and Nut, who became the stars and the night sky. Ra was pleased with his work, and was master of them all.

Geb and Nut later had children of their own. They had three sons (Set, Osiris, and Horus) and two daughters (Isis and Nephythys). In an effort to stop them from producing many children without his permission, Ra ordered Shu to move between Geb and his sister, breaking their embrace and preventing the creation of any additional gods.

Saladinís descendants surrounded themselves with a force of slaves, called catfolk. This force gained more and more power, until, taking advantage of yet another power-struggle within the royal family, they appointed one of their own members to the throne claiming they were anoited by Bast herself en ruled by catfolk pharohs who have successfully defended and expanded their state and pulled the government of their different lands under one centralized administration. Perhaps their single most important achievement has been to defeat an Orc army and so put an end to its hitherto unstoppable expansion.
Under the catfolk, Egypt has continued to be the chief centre of Arabic civilization. However, recurrent plagues have reduced her population, and Timurís conquest of Syria was a major blow to catfolk power. Raiding by gnoll tribes has also become a problem.

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Crocodilopolis "City of Crocodiles"


Duat  is the underworld, where the sun traveled from west to east during the night and where dead souls were judged by Anubis, using a feather, representing Truth. Souls which were weighted down by sin were eaten by Ammit.


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