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The Dying Gaul, a famous ancient Roman statue The Dying Gaul, a famous ancient Roman statue

The signing of the Magna Carta was the start of a political evolution in England which saw parliament, including members elected by the towns and shires, becoming an important element in government. The development was driven by the need to pay for wars with the Scots, Welsh, Irish and, above all, the French. Apart from the occupation of Wales and parts of Ireland, these achieved little. The nation, defeated in France, was demoralised. Resentment with royal government is deep and widespread. The stage is set for civil war. The British Isles are deeply affected by the Black Death. For the survivors, this tragedy caused the standard of living for the bulk of the population to rise considerably, spurring the end of feudalism and the expansion of commerce.

The Scottish Elvan kings sent peace ambassdors to the English throne. This has lead to a continued expansion of trade, the colonization of large areas of Ireland, the beginnings of the settlement of America, but also a growing rift between the extravagant court and the religously-dominated parliament. This rift broke out into a series of Civil Wars, which involved England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.



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