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Animals & Animal Gear

Mounts And Related Gear
Item Cost Weight
Bat, (Common) 5 gp 1 lb.
Bat, Dire (Riding) (drow) 300 gp
Bat, Dire (Riding) (combat trained) (drow) 450 gp
Bird, Canary 4 cp 9 oz.
Bird, Falcon 40 gp 2 lbs.
Bird, Hawk 35 gp 20 lbs.
Bird, Owl, (Common) 10 gp 1 lb.
Bird, Raven 2 gp 3 lbs.
Camel 18 gp  
Cat, (Common) 3 cp 8 lbs.
Dog, Bloodhound 75 gp  
Dog, (Guard or War) 25 gp 90 lbs.
Dog, (Hunting) 15 gp 90 lbs.
Dog, (Riding) 150 gp 120 lbs.
Donkey 8 gp
Elephant African 1,000 gp 5 tons
Elephant Asian 1,000 gp  
35 gp  
Horse, Heavy 200 gp 1,000 lbs.
Horse, Heavy (war-trained) 300 gp 1,200 lbs.
Horse, Light 75 gp 600 lbs.
Horse, Light (war-trained) 110 gp 900 lbs.
Horse, Pony 30 gp
Horse, Pony (War Trained) 45 gp
Lizard, (Common) 5 cp 2 oz.
  Mammoth 4,500 gp
Mule 8 gp
15 gp
Rat, (Common) 1 cp 1 lb.
Rat, (Dire) 5 gp 50 lbs.
Snake, Constrictor 5 gp 60 lbs.
Snake, Viper (poisonnous) 5 gp 10 oz.
Toad, (Common) 2 cp 7 oz.
Weasel, (Common) 2 gp 8 oz.

Equipment and Supplies for Animals and other Creatures

Equipment and Supplies for Animals and other Creatures
Item Cost Weight
Bag, Bear 2 gp
3 lbs.
Barding, Common (Medium creature) ×22 ×12
Barding, Common (Large creature) ×42 ×22
Barding, Spiked Cost of barding +75 gp +20 lb.
Bit & Bridle 2 gp 1 lb
Cage, Diminutive/Fine creature 10 gp 2 lbs.
Cage, Huge creature 60 gp 960 lbs.
Cage, Large creature 30 gp 240 lbs.
Cage, Small/Medium creature 15 gp 60 lbs.
Cage, Tiny creature 2 gp 5 lbs.
Claw Blades (base price) 2 gp per claw
Elephant Tower 250 gp 400 lb.
Elephant Tower, Armoured 525 gp 750 lb.
Falconry Gauntlet 1 gp
Fantastic Beast Muzzle 10 gp 3 lb.
Feed (per day)
5 cp 10 lb
2 gp 2 lbs.
75 gp 20 lb.
Incubator Lining 2 gp 1 lb.
Oat Cakes (per day)
2 gp 7 lb.
Pennant Mount +5 gp to price of saddle 1 lb.
Razorshoes (set of two) 20 gp 5 lbs.
Saddle Amazon 12 gp 20 lb.
Saddle, Armoured Back +80 gp to price of saddle +15 lb. to weight of saddle
Saddle Bomb Box +125 gp to price of saddle +50 lb. to weight of saddle
Saddle Cutting 15 gp 30 lb.
Saddle Enclosed 500 gp 625 lb.
Saddle Enclosed War 1,000 gp 850 lb.
Saddle Fitted* +5 gp +5 lb.
Saddle Light Cavalry 12 gp 20 lb.
Saddle Locking 30 gp 30 lb.
Saddle Locking (Aerial) 70 gp 45 lb.
Saddle, (Military) 20 gp 30 lbs.
Saddle (Pack) 5 gp 15 lb
Saddle (Riding) 10 gp 25 lbs.
Saddle Travel 10 gp 25 lb.
Saddle, exotic (Military) 60 gp 40 lbs.
Saddle, exotic (Amazon) 36 gp 25 lb.
Saddle, exotic (Cutting) 45 gp 30 lb.
Saddle, exotic (Light Cavalry) 36 gp 25 lb.
Saddle, exotic (Fitted*) +15 gp +5 lb.
Saddle, exotic (Pack) 15 gp 20 lbs.
Saddle, exotic (Riding) 30 gp 30 lbs.
Saddle, exotic (Travel) 30 gp 30 lbs.
Saddlebags 4 gp 8 lbs.
Spear Saddle +300 gp to price of saddle 10 lbs. (with spear)
Stabling (per day) 5 sp
Tusk Sweep 200 gp 50 lbs.
Wing Paint 1 gp per pint
Whip, training 5 gp 2 lbs.
*Add price and weight to base saddle.

Fantastic Beasts

Ultimate Equipment Guide II

Author Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2005
ISBN 1-904854-97-4
OGL Section 15 ueg2
Content Puller Mark Gedak

Netbook can be found on the following website

The Grand OGL Wiki

The material below is designated as Open Game Content

Serving every purpose from mounts to guardian beasts to lifetime companions, fantastic beasts are a more powerful and more expensive alternative to such mundane creatures as a dog or an ox. Listed below are some of the beasts which can be purchased, followed by a list of the prices for purchasing the beast as an egg, as a young specimen and for training the beast to serve the purchaser.

Fantastic Beasts
Item Cost; Egg Cost; Young: Cost; Training:
Chimera 5,000 gp 10,000 gp 3,500 gp
Dire boar - 2,500 gp 1,500 gp

Black Dragon

11,000 gp - -

Blue Dragon

15,000 gp - -

Brass Dragon

12,000 gp - -

Bronze Dragon

16,000 gp - -

Copper Dragon

14,000 gp - -

Gold Dragon

22,000 gp - -
Green Dragon 13,000 gp - -

Red Dragon

18,000 gp - -
Silver Dragon 20,000 gp - -

White Dragon

8,000 gp - -
Giant Eagle 2,500 gp 4,000 gp
1,000 gp
Giant falcon 1,500 gp 3,000 gp 1,000 gp
Giant Owl 2,500 gp
4,000 gp 1,000 gp
Griffon 3,500 gp 7,000 gp 1,500 gp
Hippocampi 1,500 gp 2,500 gp 1,000 gp
Hippogriff 2,000 gp 3,000 gp 1,000 gp
Manticore - 7,000 gp
2,500 gp
Pegasus 2,000 gp 3,000 gp 1,000 gp
Roc 7,500 gp
15,000 gp
5,500 gp
- 2,000 gp 1,500 gp
Worg - 1,500 gp
1,500 gp


4,000 gp
8,000 gp 3,000 gp


The most famous and sought-after mount, dragons are exceptionally expensive. Only available as eggs, a dragon cannot be trained. Rather, it must accept its rider either through friendship (in the case of good dragons) or intimidation and bribery (in the case of evil dragons).

Dragon Eggs

Having a dragon as a mount and companion is the dream of nearly every adventurer. The power and intellect of a dragon, not to mention the terror an adventurer’s enemies would feel seeing him descend from the skies atop a sinuous beast of such legendary might, cause many adventurers to make finding a dragon mount one of their great goals. However, dragons pose a number of problems, from actually coming into possession of the egg to how to accommodate the dragon when an adventurer enters a town or city. Dragon eggs are exceedingly rare and difficult to come by. There are no guarantees given regarding when, or even if, the desired egg will be available. Nevertheless, it is only possible to buy a dragon when it is still in the egg, for two reasons. The first is that the buyer of the dragon must be present at the hatching for the wyrmling dragon to have any chance of bonding to the buyer. The second is that even wyrmling dragons are too powerful and dangerous to keep on hand.

Black Dragon Egg: 11,000 gp

Blue Dragon Egg: 15,000 gp

Brass Dragon Egg: 12,000 gp

Bronze Dragon Egg: 16,000 gp

Copper Dragon Egg: 14,000 gp

Gold Dragon Egg: 22,000 gp

Green Dragon Egg: 13,000 gp

Red Dragon Egg: 18,000 gp

Silver Dragon Egg: 20,000 gp

White Dragon Egg: 8,000 gp


Perhaps the greatest drawback to purchasing an egg is the possibility it will never hatch. No matter how mighty the creature may become, while it is in the egg it is a fragile thing. Taken from its nest and its mother, the egg might easily die, deprived of the exact conditions needed to bring it to maturity. After a number of customers complained of eggs that never hatched, Tandos Ravenfoot decided to start offering incubation services at The Beast Within. These services are available only to those who purchase an egg from the shop, he will not incubate an egg brought in by a stranger. Tandos and several of his employees are extremely well-versed in Knowledge (nature), and know exactly what is needed for an egg to survive until hatching. They have built a bank of incubators within the shop, designed to provide for the needs of any egg of any species sold through The Beast Within. If the egg fails to hatch, Tandos will refund the incubation fee and half the cost of the egg, something he has not yet needed to do. Though expensive, the incubation fee is well worth the cost. After all, spending 18,000 gp on an egg that never hatches is a pricey lesson.

Incubation: 25% of the cost of the egg

Books, Paper, & Writing Supplies

Books, paper, and writing supplies also includes inks, quills, chalk, chalkboards, and other equipment either for writing, to store written things, or similar items.



Cost Weight
Arcane Family Workbook (Book) 300 gp 3 lbs.
Eloquence for the Occasion (Book) 225 gp 14 lb.
Exhaustive Codices of Hyldian Luches    

Codex of Deep Dwarves (Book)

900 gp 22 lb.

Codex of Duergar (Book)

1,100 gp 20 lb.

Codex of Hill Dwarves (Book)

850 gp 21 lb.
Codex of Mountain Dwarves (Book) 925 gp 20 lb.

Codex of Aquatic Elves (Book)

800 gp 23 lb.
Codex of Dark Elves * (Book) 1,300 gp 18 lb.

Codex of Grey Elves (Book)

1,000 gp 29 lb.
Codex of High Elves 1,050 gp 28 lb.
Codex of Wild Elves 700 gp 17 lb.
Codex of Wood Elves 975 gp 24 lb.
Codex of Cloud Giants 800 gp 20 lb.
Codex of Fire Giants 775 gp 21 lb.
Codex of Frost Giants 875 gp 22 lb.
Codex of hill giants 800 gp 16 lb.
Codex of Stone Giants 950 gp 23 lb.
Codex of Storm Giants 1,050 gp 24 lb.
Codex of Deep Gnomes 800 gp 18 lb.
Codex of Forest Gnomes 600 gp 17 lb.
Codex of Rock Gnomes 750 gp 19 lb.
Codex of Halflings 900 gp 19 lb.
Codex of Goblins 800 gp 14 lb.
Codex of Hobgoblins (Book) 925 gp 22 lb.
Codex of Orcs (Book) 900 gp 20 lb.
Codex of Kobolds (Book) 550 gp 12 lb.
Codex of Lizardfolk (Book) 650 gp 14 lb.
Codex of Ogres (Book) 1,000 gp 16 lb.
Footprints book (Book) 50 gp 3 lbs.
Footsteps Beneath (Book) 175 gp 14 lb.
Fundamentals of Thaumaturgy (Book) 425 gp 11 lb.
The Gentle Beast 100 gp 11 lb.
Healing Hands 400 gp 14 lb.
Into the Wild 130 gp 11 lbs.
Journal, (blank) 10 gp 1 lb.

Language of Music

550 gp 9 lb.
Obsession Log 25 gp 1 lb.
Pathfinder Chronicle 50 gp 1 lb.
Portrait book 10 gp 3 lbs.
Receiving Paper (per sheet) 10 gp -
Root of the Tongue 1,200 gp 15 lb.
Spellbook, (standard, blank) 15 gp 3 lbs.
Spellbook, (compact, blank) 50 gp 1 lb.
Spellbook, (traveling, blank) 10 gp 1 lb.
Gullivers Travels 200 gp 15 lb.
Unspoken Words 250 gp 8 lb.
The Way of the Deep 125 gp 12 lbs.

Inks and Writing Utensils

Inks and Writing Utensils


Cost Weight
Chalk (1 piece) 1 cp
Charcoal (1 stick) 5 sp
Ink (1 oz. in a vial) 8 gp
Ink, Burning (1 oz. phial and 1 oz. package of powder) 5 gp
Ink, Changing (1 oz. phial and 1 oz. package of both powders) 12 gp
Ink, Darkvision (1 oz. phial) 10 gp
Ink, Fire 1 gp
Ink, Ghost 25 gp —/20
Ink, glowing (vial) 5 gp
Ink, invisible (simple) 2 gp
Ink, invisible (average) 10 gp
Ink, invisible (good) 25 gp
Ink, invisible (superior) 75 gp
Ink, Magnetic (1 oz. phial) 30 gp
Ink, Mirror (1 oz. phial) 10 gp
Ink, Poisonous (1 oz. phial) 800 gp
Ink, Stink 5 gp 1 lb.
Ink, Stink (Arcane) special 1 lb.
Ink, Vampiric (1 oz. phial)
40 gp
Inkpen 1 sp

Other Things to Write On

Other Things to Write On


Cost Weight
Chalkboard 1 gp 2 lbs.
Paper (1 sheet) 4 sp
Paper, rice (1 sheet) 5 cp
Parchment (1 sheet) 2 sp
Stationery 1 gp

Other Supplies and Tools

Other Supplies and Tools


Cost Weight
Case, map or scroll 1 gp 1/2 lb.
Printing press (1 page) 250 gp 150 lbs.
Sealing wax 1 gp 1 lb.

Clothing & Accessories

Clothing and accessories includes all full outfits, hats, gloves, scarves, jewelry, body adornments (tattoos etc.), perfumes and similar items. All characters begin play with one outfit, valued at 10 gp or less. Additional outfits can be purchased normally.

Complete Outfits

All characters begin play with one outfit, valued at 10 gp or less. Additional outfits can be purchased normally.

Complete Outfits
Item Cost
Artisan's Outfit 1 gp 4 lbs.1
Bodysuit (New) 55 gp 2 lb.
Bodysuit, Armoured (New) 125 gp 8 lb.
Cold Weather Outfit 8 gp 7 lbs.1
Courtier's Outfit 30 gp 6 lbs.1
Dilettante's Outfit 20 gp 8 lbs.
Doctor's Outfit 150 gp 6 lbs.
Entertainer's Outfit 3 gp 4 lbs.1
Explorer's Outfit 10 gp 8 lbs.1
Hot Weather Outfit 8 gp 4 lbs.
Monk's Outfit 5 gp 2 lbs.1
Noble's Outfit 75 gp 10 lbs.1
Peasant's Outfit 1 sp 2 lbs.1
Pickpocket's Outfit 5 gp 3 lbs.1
Royal Outfit 200 gp 15 lbs.1
Scholar's Outfit 5 gp 6 lbs.1
Shadesuit (New) 350 gp 2 lb.
Shadesuit, Armoured (New) 500 gp 8 lb.
Traveler's Outfit 1 gp 5 lbs.1
Swarmsuit 20 gp 10 lbs.
Tear-Away Clothing +5 gp varies1
Watersuit (New) 100 gp 1 lb.
Watersuit, Insulated (New) 200 gp 5 lb.


Item Cost Weight
Boots, Hollow Heel (per heel) 10 gp -
Boots, Paw (pair) 10 gp -
Boots, Softpaw 25 gp 1 lb.
Boots, Spike (pair) 40 gp; 6 lb.
Boots, Sticking (pair) 75 gp -
Cleats 5 gp 2 lbs.
Court Shoes (Fashionable) 25 gp 1 lb.
Snowshoes 5 gp 4 lbs.1

Face, Head and Neck

Face, Head and Neck
Item Cost Weight
Cape, Billow 100 gp 4 lbs.
Darkglass Visor 300 gp 3 lb.
Darkglass Lenses 450 gp 1 lb.
Eyeglasses 5 gp
Eye patch 1 sp
Goggles, Gloom Sight 200 gp
Goggles, Smoked 10 gp
Hats 1 sp to 50 gp 1/2 to 2 lbs.
Mask 1 sp to 50 gp 1 lb.1
Mask, Battle 50 gp 2 lbs.
Mask, Doctor's 50 gp 2 lbs.
Neck Guard 10 gp 1/4 lb.
Scarf 1 sp to 5 gp 1/2 lb.1
Scarf, pocketed 8 gp 1/2 lbs.1
Scarf, reinforced 10 gp 1 lb.1
Wig 5 gp to 500 gp 1/2 to 4 lbs.1


Item Cost Weight
Cloak, Fireshield (New) 150 gp 3 lb.
Cloak, Floating (New) 30 gp 6 lb.
Cloak, Gliding (New) 100 gp 5 lb.
Cloak, Grounding (New) 300 gp 8 lb.
Cloak, Wing 1,200 gp 1 lb.
Cloak, Winter Wolf (New) 300 gp 5 lb.
Coat, Hooked (New) 10 gp
4 lb.
Dueling Cape (New) 45 gp 4 lb.
Furs 12 gp 5 lbs.1
Girdle, Floating (New) 5 gp + 15 gp for each pouch  
Sash, Adventurer's 20 gp 3 lbs. (container)
Vest 1 sp to 50 gp 1/2 lb.1
Vest, Barbed 10 gp 4 lbs.
Religious Vestments, Cleric's 5 gp 6 lbs.1

Jewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories

Jewelry, Perfumes and other Decorative Accessories
Cost Weight
Anklet 5 gp -
Armband 10 gp ½ lb.
Bracelet 5 gp -
Brooch/Button/Clasp/Pin 2 gp (each) -
Circlet 25 gp -
Collar 50 gp 2 lb.
Crown (non-Royal) 100 gp 3 lb.
Earrings, Pair 2 gp -
Jewelry varies varies
Jewelry, false +20 gp
Necklace 5 gp -
Pendant 15 gp ½ lb.
Perfume/Cologne, common 1 gp/dose
Perfume/Cologne, exotic 100 gp/dose
Perfume/Cologne, common (1 dose) 1 gp
Perfume/Cologne, rare (1 dose) 10 gp
Perfume/Cologne, exotic (1 dose) 100 gp
Ring 10 gp (average) -
Ring, poison pill +20 gp
Ring, signet 5 gp
Watch, pocket 250 gp 1 lb
Tattoo 1 cp - 20gp
Tiara 50 gp 1 lb.

Masterwork Clothing

Masterwork Clothing
Goods Cost Weight
Aba, Masterwork (New) 130 gp 2 lb.
Cold Weather Outfit, Masterwork (New) 100 gp 8 lb.
Doublet, Masterwork (New) 150 gp 1 lb.
Dress, Masterwork (New) 225 gp 3 lb.
Entertainer’s Outfit, Masterwork (New) 100 gp 4 lb.
Hunter’s Outfit, Masterwork (New) 120 gp 5 lb.
Mountaineer’s Outfit, Masterwork (New) 100 gp 5 lb.
Toga, Masterwork (New) 150 gp 5 lb.


Goods Cost Weight

Clockwork, Clockwork Dragon

300,000 gp 75 tons

Clockwork, Clockwork Familiar

14,500 gp 10 lb.

Clockwork, Clockwork Goliath

300,000 gp 100 tons

Clockwork, Clockwork Leviathan

130,000 gp 3 tons

Clockwork, Clockwork Mage

84,000 gp 450 pounds.
Clockwork, Clockwork Servant 7,500 gp (13,500 for an intelligent servant)
400 pounds.
Clockwork, Clockwork Soldier 37,000 gp ( the cost of the soldier’s weapon is not included in this price.) 500 pounds.
Clockwork, Clockwork Spy 1,250 gp 40 pounds.
Clockwork, Clockwork Steed 29,000 gp (33,500 for a clockwork charger)  
Containers (Bags, Boxes & More)
Bags and Pouches
Goods Cost Weight
Backpack, Masterwork 50 gp 2 lb
Backpack, Standard (empty) 2 gp 2 lb
Bag, waterproof 5 sp 1/2 lb.
Chain Pouch 10 gp 3 lb.
Clothing Case 35 gp 10 lb.

Collapsing Basket

4 gp 1 lb.

Collapsing Basket

6 gp 2 lb.

Collapsing Pail

5 gp 3 lb.

Collapsing Pail

10 gp 5 lb.
Cushioning Bladder 15 gp 1 lb.
Fireproof Box 125 gp 10 lb.
Fireproof Pouch 50 gp 1 lb.

Neck Pouch

1 gp ½ lb.

Neck Pouch (Chain Strap)

2 gp 1 lb.
Neck Pouch (Shoulder Strap) 5 gp 1 lb.

Potion Band

15 gp 2 lb.
Pouch, Belt 1 gp 1/2 lb.1
Pouch, Spell components 5 gp 2 lbs.
Pouch, War Spirit 50 gp -
Sack (empty) 1 sp ½ lb
Waterproof Box 75 gp 10 lb.
Waterskin 1 gp 4 lb

Barrels, Boxes, and Chests

Barrels, Boxes, and Chests

Item Cost Weight Source


2 gp 30 lbs.
Chest, Small / Small treasure chest 2 gp / 3 gp 25 lbs.
Chest, Medium / Medium treasure chest 5 gp / 7 gp 50 lbs.
Chest, Large / Large treasure chest 10 gp / 15 gp 100 lbs.
Chest, Huge / Huge treasure chest 25 gp / 37 gp 250 lbs.
Chest, False-Bottomed 52 gp 25 lbs.
Magician’s Chest 100 gp.

Other Misc. Containers

Other Misc. Containers
Item Cost Weight
Basket 4 sp 1 lb.
Bottle, Glass 2 gp 1 lb.
Bucket 5 sp 2 lbs.
Cauldron 1 gp 5 lbs.
Cup, false-bottomed 1 gp
Flask (empty)   1½ lb
Jug, clay 3 cp 9 lbs.
Mug/Tankard, Clay 2 cp 1 lb
Pitcher, clay 2 cp 5 lbs.
Potion Sponge 2 gp
Pot, iron 8 sp 4 lbs.
Vial, iron 1 sp 1 lb.
Vial (for ink or potions) 1 gp

Tools & Kits

Tools & kits includes all sorts of equipment used to accomplish other tasks, or to make other tasks easier.




Cost Weight
Alchemist's Kit 25 gp 5 lbs.
Chirurgeon's Bag 400 gp 4 lbs.
Chronicler's Supplies 40 gp 4-1/2 lbs.
Climber’s kit 80 gp 5 lbs.1
Cooking Kit 1 gp 2 lbs.
Disguise kit 50 gp 8 lbs.1
Disguise Kit, Half-Orc 75 gp 1 lb.
Dragonslayer's Kit 485 gp 64 lbs.
Dungeoneering Kit 15 gp 25 lbs.
Dungeoneering Kit, Deluxe 130 gp 15 lbs.
Field Healer’s Kit 55 gp 1 lb.
First Aid kit 50 gp 1 lb
Healer's Kit 50 gp 1 lb.
Investigator's kit 40 gp 8 lbs
Juggler's Kit 15 gp 10 lbs.
Leeching Kit 5 gp 5 lbs.
Map Making Kit 10 gp 2— lbs.
Pathfinder's Kit 12 gp 22 lbs.
Riding Kit 16 gp 53 lbs.
Shaving Kit 15 sp 1/2 lb.
Signal Kite Kit 5 gp  
Spelunking Kit 174 gp 32 lbs.
Symptom Kit 25 gp 5 lbs.
Torturer's Lab 100 gp 35 lbs
Trailscent Kit 10 gp 5 lb.
Vampire Slayer's Kit 500 gp 8 lbs.

Tools, Individual and Sets

Tools, Individual and Sets


Cost Weight
Tool, Masterwork 50 gp 1 lb.
Tools, Surgeon's 20 gp 5 lbs.1
Tools, Thieves' 30 gp 1 lb.
Tools, Thieves' (masterwork) 100 gp 2 lbs.
Tools, Artisan's 5 gp 5 lbs.
Tools, Artisan's, masterwork 55 gp 5 lbs.

Torturer Devices

Book of Vile Darkness 3.5

By Monte Cook

All manner of devices exist for inflicting pain. Each of the torture devices described in this section provides a circumstance bonus that is added to the Intimidate check made by a torturer against a victim—the more effective the device, the greater the modifier.

A torturer seeks to learn something from the victim through the application of pain, though sometimes torturers inflict pain for pain’s own sake. The sick thrill felt by a torturer as she clips the end off one of her victim’s fingers, and the visceral charge the torturer feels as she pushes a red-hot brand all the way through her client’s cheek, are intangible drugs favored by the depraved.


The torturer’s victim must first be secured, either by being tied in place, pinned in a grapple, or successfully restrained in a stationary torture device. A victim in such a device can attempt to make an Escape Artist check every round against the DC associated with the device. A pinned creature can attempt to break a grapple. However, the torturer is generally watching while the victim is being restrained in a stationary torture device or being grappled by a third party. If the victim attempts an Escape Artist check or a grapple check in the knowing presence of the torturer, whether or not the check succeeds the torturer can hit the creature with a coup de grace.

Once the victim is secure, the torturer can attempt one use of a torture device against a secured victim (such as thumbscrews on a maid tied to a chair) in a certain time frame (once per round unless otherwise noted). Each device has an associated circumstance bonus that is applied to the torturer’s Intimidate check when the torturer attempts to pry desired information rom the victim. The Intimidate check DC is 10 + the victim’s level or HD.

Of course, a victim can choose to reveal the information before torture is applied. Merely threatening to use a torture device against a victim can be effective: If the torturer succeeds on a Bluff check opposed by the victim’s Sense Motive check, the torturer can use half of the device’s circumstance bonus on her subsequent Intimidate check. When using a torture device, a torturer can attempt multiple Intimidate checks to attempt to gain the same information, unlike the standard use of the Intimidate skill. A successful Intimidate check indicates the victim yields up the requisite information.

A victim can attempt to mislead a torturer, pretending to give up the real information in hopes the torturer will end the pain. The victim’s Bluff check is opposed by the torturer’s Sense Motive check if the victim lies or misleads the torturer during the interrogation. Because the torturer is convinced of her methods—that pain reveals truth, and that torture can’t be withstood—the torturer is more likely to believe even the most outlandish lie. The torturer takes a –3 circumstance penalty on Sense Motive checks to see through the Bluffs of those she tortures.

Even victims who don’t really know the information sought by the torturer can be compelled to lie to make the hurt go away.

The tendency of victims to say anything to stop the pain makes torture impractical in some cases. But even when a torturer feels as if she’s extracted the truth, she may continue the torture anyway.

If a victim is brought to 0 hit points or lower through the use of torture equipment, then later healed, the subsequent use of a torture device against that victim doubles the device’s circumstance bonus on the torturer’s Intimidate checks. This doubling only occurs in the second and subsequent torture sessions.

Torture Devices as Weapons: Nonstationary items such as pokers and scalpels make poor melee weapons. In melee, torture devices deal half the damage given in Table 3–1, if the device can be used in melee at all. For example, a Medium-size torturer couldn’t pick up and use an iron maiden as a weapon.

masterwork Devices: masterwork torture devices can be made, but do not provide higher circumstance bonuses. They simply exhibit finer craftsmanship and cost twice as much.


Additional sinister devices and other forms of torture exist beyond those presented here. Use the devices described below as a guide to determine the game effects of other forms of torture.

Torture Devices
Device Circumstance Bonus Escape DC Damage Cost Weight
Branding iron/poker +3 1d3 2 gp 4 lb.
Dagger +4 2d4 2 gp 1 lb.
Hot lead +3 1d3 1 sp 1 lb.
Iron maiden 27 200 gp 250 lb.
Low setting +6 1
Moderate setting +8 5
Severe setting +10 10
Terminal setting +12 50
Jaw breaker +4 2d4 10 gp 1 lb.
Needle +2 1 1 sp
Pillory +2 20 1d6 50 gp 50 lb.
Rack +5 22 1 150 gp 200 lb.
Scalpel/flenser +4 1d6 4 gp
Thumbscrew +3 1d2 1 gp 1 lb.
Tied down +0 * 1 sp 1 lb.
*The Use Rope check of the torturer sets the DC for the victim’s Escape Artist check.

Execution Equipment

Execution of prisoners, far from light and hope of rescue, is something all creatures fear when venturing into realms where vengeance or brute malice holds sway. Despicable overlords and despotic states alike enjoy particularly cruel forms of execution, deriding even the idea of lesser penalties. And even an otherwise enlightened society may find that vengeance is more important to it than reformation of the convicted. And so the executioner’s profession never lacks for work.

The executioner seeks death for the condemned with a swift stroke. Sometimes, death by torture is the command given to the executioner, but in such a case he will often remand the client to a torturer to carry out the sentence. However, many execution devices are also extraordinarily painful for those destined to feel their cruel, final embrace.

Rules of Execution

The condemned must first be secured by being tied in place, pinned in a grapple, or successfully restrained in a stationary execution device. If restrained in an execution device, the condemned can attempt to make a Escape Artist check every round against the DC noted, unless magically held or otherwise helpless. If grappled, the condemned can attempt to break the grapple normally.

Once the victim is secure, the executioner can attempt the chosen method of execution. The executioner makes a Profession (executioner) check against the DC given for the device on Table 3–2. If the check is successful, the condemned is slain according to the nature of the device. If the executioner fails, the execution is botched, and the executioner can make another check the following round.

Botched attempts deal the damage noted for the device, so the condemned may be killed even if the executioner botches the attempt. Prideful executioners—which includes most of them—take it as a personal point of dishonor if they kill the condemned on a botched execution.

Execution Devices as Weapons: Some execution devices, such as headsman’s axes, make adequate melee weapons. In melee, such an item deals normal damage for an item of its kind (such as a greataxe) and cannot kill instantly. Most other devices of execution cannot be used in melee.

masterwork Devices: masterwork execution devices provide a +1 circumstance bonus on the executioner’s Profession (executioner) check. They cost twice as much as the versions given in Table 3–2.

Execution Devices

Hundreds, if not thousands, of execution methods are possible beyond those described here. The table identifies common techniques from which more exotic forms of execution can be extrapolated.

Execution Devices
Device Execution DC Escape DC Botched Damage Cost Weight
Crucifixion cross
15 28 * 1 gp 50 lb.
Draw and quarter 18 25 5d6 3 sp 1 lb.
Hanging rope 18 ** 1d3/rd. 3 sp 1 lb.
Headsman’s axe 18 ** Coup de grace 20 gp 20 lb.
*Crucified characters lose 10% of their total hit points each hour.
**The Use Rope check of the executioner sets the Difficulty Class.

Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic Limbs
Item Cost Weight
Prosthetic, arm 10 gp 3 lbs.1
Prosthetic, foot 1 gp 2 lbs.1
Prosthetic, hand 1 gp 1 lb.1
Prosthetic, leg 20 gp 6 lbs.1
Prosthetic, peg leg 10 gp 5 lb.1

Occult Lore
Author Keith Baker, Adam Bank, Chris Jones, Scott Reeves, and Elton Robb
Series Lore
Publisher Atlas
Publish date 2002
Pages 240
ISBN 1-58978-021-3
OGL Section 15 occult-lore
Content Puller Mark Gedak

Netbook can be found on the following website

The Grand OGL Wiki

These items can be found in most astrologers’ laboratories.

Item Market Cost
Astrolabe 100 gp
Authority on Formulae 50 gp


Psautier de saint Louis et de Blanche de Castille, BNF Paris, ms. 1186 
    res, fol. 1v, ca. 1200 AD

Psautier de saint Louis et de Blanche de Castille, BNF Paris, ms. 1186 res, fol. 1v, ca. 1200 AD

No astronomer’s kit is complete without this mechanical tabulator vital for solving stellar calculations. “Planispheric” astrolabes (so-called because they provide a flat, or plane, view of the heavenly spheres) enable stargazers to calculate the position of the sun and other major nearby stars with respect to both the horizon and the meridian (the imaginary north-south line connecting the geographical poles). The typical planispheric astrolabe measures 3 to 18 inches and is made of brass or iron. It consists of several principal parts: the mater, a base plate with a network of lines representing celestial coordinates; the rete, an open-pattern disk (with a “map” of the stars, including orbital circles, that rotated on the mater around a center pin corresponding to the north celestial pole; and the alidade, a straight rule used for sighting objects in the sky. Most astrolabes also have one or more climates, which are rotating plates engraved with coordinate lines for different latitudes placed between the mater and the rete. An astrolabe of this type costs 100 gp.

masterwork astrolabes are wonders of engraving and engineering. A masterwork, planispheric astrolabe costs 150 gp and provides a +2 circumstance bonus to computing astrological spell formulae.


These are dense texts describing the various techniques for computing horoscopes, written by famous ancient astrologers. They cost 50 gp each.

masterwork authorities are artfully illuminated, carefully glossed, and accompanied by companion, explanatory scrolls. masterwork authorities cost 100 gp each and grant a +2 circumstance bonus to one type of horoscope, depending upon the authority.

Tools, Unique or Special Purpose


Cost Weight
Abacus 2 gp 2 lbs.
Anvil 5 gp 40 lbs.
Arrow, Grappling    
Astrolabe, ornate 1,000 gp 6 lbs.
Astrolabe 100 gp 6 lbs.
Bellows 1 gp 3 lbs.
Block and tackle 5 gp 5 lbs.
Candle Mold 12 sp 5 lbs.
Compass 10 gp 1/2 lb.
Cord, Measuring, 10 ft. 1 gp 1/2 lb.
Crowbar 2 gp 5 lbs.


5 sp 1 lb.
Earplugs 3 cp
Flint and Steel 1 gp
Grappling Hook 1 gp 4 lbs.
Grappling hook, Collapsing 50 gp 4 lb.
Hammer 5 sp 2 lbs.
Hourglass (one hour) 25 gp 1 lb.
Hourglass (one minute) 20 gp 1/2 lb.
Hourglass (six seconds) 10 gp
Ladder, 10-foot 2 sp 20 lbs.
Ladder, folding 2 gp 16 lbs.
Light Detector 1 gp
Magnet 5 sp 1/2 lb.
Magnifying glass 100 gp
Mirror (small steel)    
Oar 2 gp 10 lbs.
Periscope 20 gp 4 lbs.
Pick, miner's 3 gp 10 lbs.
Piton 1 sp 1/2 lb.
Plank, collapsible 4 sp 10 lbs.
Pole, 10 ft. 5 cp 8 lbs.
Pole, balancing 8 gp 12 lbs.
Pulley 2 gp 10 lbs.
Ram Portable 10 gp 20 lbs.
Razor Strop 200 gp 1 lb.
Saw 4 cp 2 lbs.
Sawback Sword +5 gp
Scale, merchant's 2 gp 1 lb.
Sewing needle 5 sp
Sextant 500 gp 2 lbs.
Shield Sconce 1 gp 1/2 lb.
2 cp 3 lbs.
Sledge 1 gp 10 lbs.
Spear-Thrower 1 gp 1 lb.
Spike, iron 5 cp 1 lb.
Spyglass 1,000 gp 1 lb.
Stretcher 1 gp 10 lbs.
String/twine, 50 ft. 1 cp 1/2 lb.
Swim Fins 1 sp 5 lbs.1
Thermometer 25 gp 1 lb.
Water Canister, Pump 75 gp 5 lbs.
Water clock 1,000 gp 200 lbs.
Water Purification Sponge 25 gp 1 lb./15
Whetstone 2 cp 1 lb.

Entertainment (Toys, Games, Puzzles & More)

This page includes various entertainment items such as decks of cards, dice, puzzles, kites, and marbles.




Cost Weight
Cards, Artistic 2 gp (deck of 52) -
Cards, Common 5 sp (deck of 52) -
Cards (marked) 1 gp 1 lb.
Fortune-tellers Deck, common 1 gp 1/2 lb.
Fortune-tellers Deck, quality 25 gp 1 lb.
Fortune-tellers Deck, masterwork 50 gp 1 lb.
Harrow Deck 100 gp




Cost Weight
Dice, Bone or Antler 1 sp (pair) -
Dice, Ivory 5 sp (pair) -
Dice, Silver or Gold 2 gp (pair) -
Dice, loaded (average) 10 gp
Dice, loaded (superior) 50 gp

Misc. Games and Entertainment Items

Misc. Games and Entertainment Items


Cost Weight
Board game
1 sp - 10 gp 2 lbs.
Bowling set 5 sp - 10 gp 15 lbs.
Checkers Set & Board 5 sp 2 lb.
Chess Pieces & Boards, Artistic 30 gp 5 lb.
Chess Pieces & Board, Common 1 gp 3 lb.
Go Pieces & Board 20 gp 5 lb.
Halfling Jugglesticks 25 gp 1 lb.
Kite 1 sp - 2,000 gp 1 lb. - 5 lbs.
Marbles 1 sp 2 lbs.
Marker Die 15 gp 1 lb./15
Puzzle box 1 gp - 1,000 gp 1 lb. - 5 lbs.
Shadow Stencils  




Cost Weight

Double Frame, Small

20 gp 5 lb.

Double Frame, Medium

50 gp 12 lb.

Double Frame, Large

125 gp 25 lb.
Harmonic Paint (per oz.) 25 gp -

Hollow Frame, Small

10 gp 3 lb.

Hollow Frame, Medium

25 gp 5 lb.

Hollow Frame, Large

60 gp 10 lb.
Impermeable Canvas (per square ft.) 10 gp -
Malleable Statue 1,000 gp per 10 lb. 10 lb. +
Poison Paint (per oz.) 75 gp per oz. -

Shifting Paint (light-activated) (per oz.)

10 gp per oz. -

Shifting Paint (temperature-activated) (per oz.)

15 gp per oz. -
Slaying Paint (per oz.) 150 gp per oz. -

Banners, Flags, & Standards


Item Cost Weight
Flag (Banner) 10 gp 3 lbs.
Flag (Banner) (sacred) 450 gp 10 lb.
Flag, nautical, ensign or courtesy, Small 2 gp
Flag, nautical, ensign or courtesy, Large 5 gp 1 lb.
Flag, nautical, personal signal, Small 4 gp
Flag, nautical, personal signal, Large 10 gp 1 lb.
Pennant (normal) 200 gp -
Pennant (sacred) 300 gp -
Standard, Tribal 50 gp 20 lbs.

Musical Instruments and Noisemakers

Musical Instruments

Item Cost Craft Modifier Weight
Metronome 10 gp -200 gp 3 lbs.
Musical instrument, common 5 gp 3 lbs.1
Musical instrument, masterwork 100 gp 3 lbs.1
Musical instrument, masterwork Effect
Beautiful +3 +200 gp
Expressive +5 +100 gp
Pure +3 +150 gp
Resonant +4 +100 gp
Rich +5 +50 gp
Roar Cord 15 gp 1 lb.
Aboleth Sinew (String) 50 gp per string 
Darkmantle Hide (String) 75 gp per string
Deva Hair (String) 400 gp per string
String, Dragon Sinew

Black Dragon Sinew (String)

310 gp per string

Blue Dragon Sinew (String)

350 gp per string

Brass Dragon Sinew (String)

320 gp per string

Bronze Dragon Sinew (String)

360 gp per string

Copper Dragon Sinew (String)

340 gp per string

Gold Dragon Sinew (String)

420 gp per string

Green Dragon Sinew (String)

330gp per string

Red Dragon Sinew (String)

380 gp per string

Silver Dragon Sinew (String)

400 gp per string

White Dragon Sinew (String)

280 gp per string
Dwarf Beard (String) 30 gp per string
Elf Hair (String) 10 gp per string
Gold Wire (String) 100 gp per string
Green Hag Hair (String) 40 gp per string
Harpy Hair (String) 20 gp per string
Nymph Hair (String) 450 gp per string
Silver Wire (String) 90 gp per string
Spidersilk (String) 65 gp per string 
Unicorn Mane (String) 250 gp per string
Whistle, Cave 20 gp
Whistle, Sheriff's 1 gp
Whistle, Signal 8 sp

Hunting, Camping & Survival Gear

This page includes all types of supplies which are of use when traveling or surviving in the wilderness.

Comfort and Shelter

Comfort and Shelter


Cost Weight Source
Bedroll 1 sp 5 lbs.1
Blanket, common 2 sp 1 lb.1
Blanket, winter 5 sp 3 lbs.1
Chair, folding 2 gp 10 lbs.
Hammock 1 sp 3 lbs.
Tarp, Waterproof (per square yard) 1 gp 1 lb.
Tent, small (1 person, 20 minutes) 10 gp 20 lbs.1
Tent, medium (2 people, 30 minutes) 15 gp 30 lbs.1
Tent, large (4 people, 45 minutes) 30 gp 40 lbs.1
Tent, pavilion (10 people, 90 minutes) 100 gp 50 lbs.1
Tent, hanging 20 gp 15 lbs.

Tent, Waterproof

100 gp 20 lb.

Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and Fishing
Item Cost Weight
Fishhook 1 sp
Fishing Tackle 20 gp 5 lb.
Net, butterfly 5 gp 2 lbs.
Net, fishing, 25 sq. ft. 4 gp 5 lbs.
Scent cloak 20 gp 2 lbs./20
Trap, bear 2 gp 10 lbs.

Misc. Outdoors Gear

Misc. Outdoors Gear
Item Cost
Bell 1 gp

Buoy, common 5 sp 16 lbs.
Buoy, superior 10 gp 30 lbs.
Compass 10 gp 1/2 lb.
Heatstone 20 gp 1 lb.
Hotbox 40 gp 15 lb.
Lightning Rod 75 gp 15 lb.
Map, area 50 gp 2 lbs.
Mirror, small steel 10 gp 1/2 lb.
Pocket Heater 40 gp 1/2 lb.
Rope, hemp (50 ft.) 1 gp 10 lbs.
Rope, Leather (50 ft.)

10 gp

10 lb.
Rope, silk (50 ft.) 10 gp 5 lbs.
Rope, spider's silk (50 ft.) 100 gp 4 lbs.
Rope Spool 30 gp 10 lb.
Rope Spool, Climbing 100 gp 10 lb.
Star Charts Common 75 gp 1/2 lb.
Star Charts Masterwork 200 gp 1/2 lb.
String/twine (50 ft.) 1 cp 1/2 lb.
Signal horn 1 gp 2 lbs.
Whistle 8 sp
Whistle, signal 8 sp
Whistle, silent 9 sp

Beast Lure

Source Adventurer's Armory

This light brown oil works similar to Kaava musk but attracts one specific kind of creature (dogs, giant bees, and so on).

Flotation Device

Source Adventurer's Armory

Usually composed of an inflated animal bladder sealed with pitch, a held flotation device adds a +1 circumstance bonus on Swim checks.

Illuminations, Flammables & Explosives

This page includes various forms of illuminations, fireworks, and firewood.



Cost Weight
Candle 1 cp
Candle, Helmet 2 gp 4 lbs.
Candle, Insectbane 1 sp
Darkflare 1 gp
Firewood (per day) 1 cp 20 lbs.
Lamp, Common
1 sp 1 lb.
Lamp, Celestial 300 gp 2 lbs.
Lantern, Bullseye 12 gp 3 lbs.
Lantern, Darklight 20 gp 3 lbs.
Lantern, Hooded 7 gp 2 lbs.
Lantern, Miner's 15 gp 2 lbs.
Lantern, Waterproof +5 gp
Moonrod 10 gp 1 lb.
Slowburn (per ounce) 1 gp
Starstone 15 gp 1 lb.
Sunrod 2 gp 1 lb.
Torch, Common 1 cp 1 lb.
Torch, Everburning 110 gp 1 lb.
Waiting Flame (per pot) 75 gp 1 lb.


Item Cost Weight
Grenade, Fuse 100 gp 1 lb./25




Cost Weight
Firework, Desnan Candle 5 gp —/20
Firework, Paper Candle 1 gp —/20
Firework, Skyrocket 50 gp 1 lb./25
Firework, Starfountain 500 gp 100 lbs./25

Locks, Keys, Chains & Manacles




Cost Weight
Chain (10 ft.) 30 gp 2 lbs.
Chain, Breakaway 65 gp 2 lbs.
Chain Belt 15 gp 1/4 lb.




Cost Weight
Key, Copy 1 gp
Key, Skeleton 85 gp
Key, Wax Blank 15 gp 1/2 lb.




Cost Weight

Lock, Simple

20 gp 1 lb.
Lock, Average 40 gp 1 lb.
Lock, Good 80 gp 1 lb.
Lock, Superior 150 gp 1 lb.

Thunderstone Lock (Average)

110 gp 1 lb.

Thunderstone Lock (Good)

190 gp 1 lb.

Thunderstone Lock (Superior)

330 gp 1 lb.




Cost Weight
Manacles 15 gp 2 lbs.
Manacles, False 65 gp 2 lbs.
Manacles, masterwork 50 gp 2 lbs.
Manacles, Mithral 1,000 gp 2 lbs.
Manacle Barbs +15 gp 1 lb.
Fetters 15 gp 2 lbs.
Fetters, masterwork 50 gp 2 lbs.
Ropestaff 125 gp 1 lb.

Religious Items

This page includes various items of use or interest to religious persons or in religious rituals including portable altars, holy symbols, holy water, and channel foci.

Religious Items


Cost Weight
Altar, Portable 250 gp 40 lbs.
Holy/Unholy Symbol, wooden 1 gp
Holy/Unholy Symbol, silver 25 gp 1 lb.
Holy/Unholy Text 10+ gp 3+ lbs.
Holy/Unholy Water (1 flask) 25 gp 1 lb.
Prayer Book 100 gp 2 lb.
Prayer Beads 10 gp -
Samsaran Life Wheel 25 gp 1/2 lb.
Sword pommel, Holy +25 gp
Talisman, Necrotic 500 gp 1 lb.
Varisian Idol 50 gp

Channel Foci

Channel Foci
Item Cost Weight
Authoritative Vestments 450 gp 15 lbs.
Bronze Gong 100 gp 5 lbs.
Chains of contrition 200 gp 2 lbs.
Consecrated weapon +150 gp
Driftwood Icon 25 gp
Hallowed chalice 200 gp 2 lbs.
Instrument of the divine 200 gp 3 lbs.
Iron Eye 50 gp 1 lb.
Just Scale 50 gp 1 lb.
Lock of the saved +50 gp 1 lb.
Meditation crystal 100 gp 1 lb.
Sanctified rings (pair) 5 gp
Sanctified shield +100 gp
Spiked focus ward 100 gp 2 lbs.
Stinging Whip 50 gp 5 lbs.
Sundered Mask 250 gp 1 lb.
Teaching staff 75 gp 5 lbs.
Winged Fetish 50 gp

Bag Of Glass

The Quintessential Bard
Author Shannon Kalvar
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2003
OGL Section 15 qbrd

Netbook can be found on the following website

The Grand OGL Wiki

The material below is designated as Open Game Content

Bag of Glass: One of the simplest props that a troupe of actors needs is some want to simulate wealth. The bag of glass fits that need nicely; it contains a variety of different kinds of coloured glass, all cut to resemble gemstones. These can be handled during performances, scattered about the stage, or pasted onto costumes as required. Additionally one could drop a real gem into the bag, shake it up and make it very difficult (Search skill check DC 25) to Spot. A bag of glass costs 10 gp and contains anywhere between fifty and one hundred and fifty glass gems of various sizes.

Footwear and Ornaments

Footwear and Ornaments
Goods Cost Weight
Branding Ring 10 gp -
Darkglass Visor 300 gp; 3 lb.
Darkglass Lenses 450 gp; 1 lb.
Garrote Buttons 25 gp -
Hairpin Dagger 100 gp 1/2 lb.
Hairpin of Tools 150 gp 1 lb.
Pocket Full Of Sashes 20 gp

Rope Hem (normal)

+100 gp to price of garment

Rope Hem (stiff)

+125 gp to price of garment
Secret Hems +5 gp to price of garment for each secret hem

Aristocratic Clothing

The Quintessential Aristocrat
Author Martin R. Thomas
Series Quintessential Series
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2004
Pages 98
ISBN 1-30000-076-4
OGL Section 15 qari
Content Puller {$content}

Netbook can be found on the following website

The Grand OGL Wiki

The material below is designated as Open Game Content

In the SRD, there are three types of outfits that are appropriate for aristocrat characters: courtier's outfits, noble's outfits and royal outfits. These items cost significantly more than regular 'street clothes' but as with items of quality listed above they must be purchased and worn or else the aristocrat character suffers penalties to either her Status score or to Charisma-based skills. At a minimum the aristocrat is expected to purchase a set of courtier's clothes. Those who belong to a noble family must wear noble's clothing. Throughout the course of an aristocrat's career, she may eventually become the sovereign of a nation and must wear a royal outfit. Courtiers are fickle, however. Trends at court change very frequently and an aristocrat is expected to keep up with these changes. The very expensive and constant changes of clothing trends is also a way for paranoid aristocrats to keep an eye on would-be assassins; any plotters against the throne are forced to emulate the trends at court of else risk drawing too much attention to themselves.

Once per level, the aristocrat character must purchase a new outfit according to the specific social station the character has achieved (courtier, noble, or royal). Failure to do so incurs the same penalties as if the character were not wearing the appropriate outfit.

In general, clothing for upper classes entails more of everything: more types of fabric, longer lengths, more embroidery and patterns, more threads made from precious metals, and more exotic furs. Sleeves may become so long as to become inconvenient; however, this is considered appropriate, for most of the nobility do not need to work and the long flowing sleeves do not curtail any of their more leisurely activities.

Clothing Materials

Below is a list of materials from the Middle Ages and Renaissance commonly associated with aristocratic or wealthy clothing. In many areas, these materials may be strictly reserved for use by the nobility. In cultures outside of a mediaeval European setting, other materials may donate nobility such as feathers, shells, rare animal skins and horns, and even flowers (as with a Hawaiian lei).

• Blackwork: Black silk embroidery

• Brocade: A heavy fabric interwoven with a rich, raised pattern, often made with silver or gold thread.

• Damask: A rich, patterned fabric made of silk and woven with elaborate designs and patterns.

• Kersey: A woollen, ribbed fabric used for leggings and trousers.

• Lawn: A very fine, thin woven linen fabric.

• Samite: A heavy silk fabric, often woven with gold or silver.

• Satin: A smooth silk fabric with one glossy side and one dull side.

• Silk: A very expensive cloth woven from the threads of silk worms, which typically need to be imported.

• Taffeta: A glossy, plain-woven silk fabric, typically reserved for women's clothing.
Clothing Accessories

A list of accessories for an aristocrat's wardrobe could be nearly endless. The list provides some of the more common clothing elements that are worn as part of an aristocrat's outfit. These items are not part of the courtier's, noble's, or royal outfits from the SRD. They are separate pieces and must be purchased individually.

Aristocratic Clothing
Item Cost Weight
Baldric, Leather 1 gp -  
Cape (Fashionable) 4 gp 1 lb.
Cape, Silk 20 gp 1 lb.
Cloak (Fashionable) 5 gp 2 lb.
Cloak, Fur-lined (exotic furs) 40 gp 3 lb.
Court Shoes (Fashionable) 25 gp 1 lb.
Hat (Fashionable) 10 gp 1 lb.
Sash, Silk 5 gp -

Furs and Pelts

Furs and Pelts
Sample Creature Cost Weight
Barghest 15 gp 1lb
Bear Black 5 gp 2 lb
Bear Brown 7 gp 2.5 lb
Bear Polar 10 gp 2.5 lb
Beaver 2 gp 0.5lb
Fox, Red 3 gp 0.5lb
Fox,silver 4 gp 0.5lb
Mink 3 gp 0.5lb
Otter 2 gp 0.5lb
Panther 7 gp 1.5lb
Sable 5 gp 1lb
Seal 5 gp 1lb
Snow leopard 8 gp 1.5lb
Tiger 5 gp 2lb
Wolf 2gp 1.5lb
Wolverine 3 gp 1lb
Zebra 5 gp 2lb

Food, Drink, & Lodging

This page includes all manner of edible goods, beverages, foodstuffs, and eating utensils and such.

Beverages (Alcoholic)

Beverages (Alcoholic)


Cost Weight
Ale (gallon) 2 sp

8 lbs.

Ale (mug) 4 cp 1 lb.
Ale, Dwarven Stout (mug) 4 cp 1/2 lb.
Ale, Luglurch (mug) 4 sp 1 lb.
Ale, Luglurch (gallon) 1 gp 8 lbs.
Caydenbrew (mug) 5 cp 1 lb.
Grog (mug) 2 cp 1 lb.
Grog (cup)

1 cp

1/2 lb.
Mead, Linnorm, (mug) 5 cp

1/2 lb.

Rumboozle (glass) 1 sp

1/2 lb.

Whiskey, Dragon Punch (cup)

10 gp 1/2 lb.
Whiskey, Oldlaw (cup)    
Wine common (pitcher) 2 sp 6 lbs.
Wine fine (bottle) 10 gp 1-1/2 lbs.
Wine, Corentyn    

Beverages (Nonalcoholic)

Beverages (Nonalcoholic)


Cost Weight
Coffee, common (cup) 1 cp 1/2 lb.
Coffee, Mwangi (cup) 3 cp 1/2 lb.
Kahve (cup) 2 cp 1/2 lb.
Tea, common (cup) 2 cp 1/2 lb.
Tea, ceremonial (cup) 4 cp 1/2 lb.
Lisken’s Medicinal Tonic (cup) 10 gp  




Cost Weight
Bread, loaf 2 cp 1/2 lb.
Cheese (hunk) 1 sp 1/2 lb.
Meal, Banquet (per person) 10 gp
Meal, good (per day) 5 sp
Meal, common (per day) 3 sp
Meal, poor (per day) 1 sp
Meat, chunk of 3 sp 1/2 lb.
Rations, Trail (per day) 5 sp 1 lb.1
Rations, Wandermeal (per serving) 1 cp 1/2 lb.
Troll Bite 300 gp

Weapon & Armor Accessories

The following items either compliment weapons (are used with, or for, weapons, such as scabbards) or are "weapon-like" in that they can be used in combat to damage or inflict harmful conditions upon opponents.

Weapon-Like Items

Weapon-Like Items


Cost Weight
Caltrops 1 gp 2 lbs.
Caltrops, Vicious 50 gp 4 lbs.

Herbs, Oils, & Special Substances

This page includes various chemicals, herbs, salves, balms, oils, and other substances which require some preparation before use.

Alchemical Items

Characters with the Craft (Alchemy) skill can create some of these items, and they are usually available in the same places where you can buy alchemical items. Items with a DC listed in the Craft DC column use the Craft (Alchemy) skill to create.

Occult Lore
Author Keith Baker, Adam Bank, Chris Jones, Scott Reeves, and Elton Robb
Series Lore
Publisher Atlas
Publish date 2002
Pages 240
ISBN 1-58978-021-3
OGL Section 15 occult-lore
Content Puller Mark Gedak

Netbook can be found on the following website

The Grand OGL Wiki

Characters with Heal scores of 5+ can use the Alchemy skill to create the superior medicinal items listed below. See the Craft skill rules (or the recap of them on page 18) and the full description of each item for instructions on how to create these items. Also see the Herbalism chapter, on page 76, for more tools that can be used to give Alchemy check bonuses, and substances that can be made using the Alchemy skill.

Task or Item Creation DC Market Cost
Write/read a message in alchemical notation 10 + pages in the message + symbol modifier 2 gp per page x the symbol modifier
Alembic 15 Approximately 50 gp
Aqua vitae 20 5 sp per draught
Athenor 15 100 gp
Pangunculus Varies 100 + (pangunculus’ similarity bonus x 100) gp
Plague gear 15 30 gp
Treatise DC of disease 60 gp

Oils and Flammables

Oils and Flammables


Craft DC Cost Weight
Oil, Anointing 25 gp 1 lb.
Oil, Lamp, (1-pint flask) 1 sp 1 lbs.
Alchemist's fire (1 flask) [Alchemical Power Component] 20 gp 1 lb.
Oil, Keros 15 5 gp
Oil, Wing 1 gp

Tools, Devices and Kits

Tools, Devices and Kits



Craft DC Cost Weight
Alchemist's Lab    
Alchemist's Lab, Portable    
Artificer's Lab, Portable 300 gp 40 lbs.
Bomb Launcher 10 gp 1/2 lb.
Pox Burster 50 gp 1 lb.
Thurible 50 gp 3 lbs.

Misc. Substances (vial)

Misc. Substances
Item Craft (alchemy) Cost Weight
Acid (1 flask) [Alchemical Power Component] 10 gp 1 lb.
Air crystals   50 gp
Alchemical grease [Alchemical Power Component] 15 5 gp 1 lb.
Alchemical solvent 20 20 gp 1/2 lb.
Alchemical Preserves 50 gp
Alchemical Coal (blinding cinders) 100 gp
Alchemical Coal (choking smoke) 50 gp
Alchemist's kindness 1 gp —/20
Alkali flask 20 15 gp 1 lb.
Alkali salt 20 30 gp
Ambrosia (vial) 100 gp 1 lb.
Black Fester (vial) 30 gp
Blackfingers paste (1 dose) 50 gp
Bladeguard [Alchemical Power Component] 15 40 gp
Blight Tonic 150 gp 1 lb.
Brewed Reek 25 40 gp 1 lb.
Dullmetal (one cake) 45 gp 1 lb.
Dust, Magnetic 200 gp 4 lb.
Elemental Breath 80 gp 1/2 lb.
Elemental Flux (flask) 20 gp 1 lb.
Fiendgore Unguent 75 gp 1 lb.
Fleshgem (decorative) 1 gp
Fleshgem (spikes) 50 gp 5 lbs.
Freshpaste (ounce) 4 gp
Hobgoblin War Draught 20* 10 gp 1 lb.
Hound's Blood (vial) 110 gp
Ifrit's Blood 50 gp 1 lb.
Incense (10 sticks) 10 gp 1 lb.
Incense, Scentbane 80 gp
Liquid ice [Alchemical Power Component] 25 40 gp 2 lb.
Marker Die 15 gp 1 lb./15
Nushadir (vial) 20 10 gp 1 lb.
Ooze grease 25 50 gp 1 lb.
Plaster (casting) 5 sp 5 lbs.
Poison Smear (per jar) 75 gp 1 lb.
Poison Tattoo 50 gp
Powder 1 cp 1/2 lb.
Powder, Blinding (per packet) 25 gp
Powder, flash [Alchemical Power Component] 20 50 gp
Powder, itching [Alchemical Power Component] 25 60 gp 2 lbs.
Powder, sneezing (packet) 25 60 gp 2 lbs.
Repellent, vermin 20 5 gp
Salve, Stonechipper 150 gp 1 lb.
Shaving Cream (per ounce) 15 gp
Shadowcloy (flask) 25 gp 1 lb.
Silversheen see text +750 gp
Skinseal (one jar) 40 gp 1 lb.
Skin Toner (per jar) 50 gp 1 lb.
Spellscorch ? ?? gp ?? lb.
Spider Sac ? ?? gp ?? lb.

Sulphur Sack

30 gp 3 lb.

Sulphur Refill

20 gp 2 lb.
Supreme Sword Sharpener (5 Nuggets) 250 gp 1 lb.
Terrap sap (distilled) 15 30 gp 1/2 lb.
Truth Serum 25 45 gp -
Unstable Accelerant 25 50 gp 1/2 lb.
Waterclear 40 gp 1 lb.
Weapon blanch, adamantine 25 100 gp 1 lb.
Weapon blanch, cold iron 20 50 gp 1 lb.
Weapon blanch, ghost salt 200 gp 1/2 lb.
Weapon blanch, silver 20 5 gp 1 lb.
Week Glue (one jar) 90 gp 3 lb.

Medicines and Tonics

Medicines and Tonics


Craft DC Cost Weight
Antiplague [Alchemical Power Component] 25 50 gp
Antitoxin (vial) [Alchemical Power Component] 50 gp
Bloodblock 25 25 gp
25 25 gp
Clear ear 15 gp
Healy myrrh see text 50 gp
Hirsute Balm (1 oz. phial) 10 gp
Mellowroot (vial) 25 gp
Purging Draught 50 gp 1 lb.
Smelling salts 20 25 gp
Soothe syrup 15 25 gp 1/2 lb.
Stillgut (vial) 50 gp
Troll styptic 25 100 gp
Unguent of revivification (1 dose) 50 gp
Woundweal 100 gp
Whitepaste (package) 450 gp 0 lb.

Hunting Aids

Hunting Aids


Craft DC Cost Weight
Beast lure 20 30 gp 1/2 lb.
Beast scent 25 75 gp 1/2 lbs.
Musk, Harpy 2 gp
Musk, Kaava 20 40 gp 1/2 lb.

Herbs and Plants

Herbs and Plants


Craft DC Cost Weight
Allnight 75 gp
Bachelor snuff 1 gp
Belladonna 2 gp
Camouflage Lichen 100 gp
Flayleaf 20 gp 2 lbs.
Garlic 1 sp 1 lb.
Golden Maple Leaves 50 gp 1/2 lb.
Night tea 1 sp
Pesh 20 gp
Shoanti barbarian chew 1 gp
Tobacco 1 gp 2 lbs.
Wolfsbane 5 sp

Special Equipment

Special Equipment


Craft DC Cost Weight
Air Sponge 50 gp 1 lb.
Bottled Lightning 30 gp ½ lb.
Breathmask (5 Masks) 40 gp 1 lb. per jar
Burnstrip 50 gp 1 lb.
Smoke pellet 20 25 gp
Smokestick [Alchemical Power Component] 20 gp 1/2 lb.
Tanglefoot bag [Alchemical Power Component] 50 gp 4 lbs.
Tar bomb 15 gp 2 lbs.
Thunderstone [Alchemical Power Component] 30 gp 1 lb.
Tindertwig 1 gp

Censer, Celestial

Source Advanced Race Guide

This blessed thurible holds up to 10 pieces of incense, and burns at a rate of 1 stick per hour. If a smokestick is added to the incense in the censer while it burns, creatures with the evil subtype are dazzled for as long as they remain within the area of the resulting smoke.

Tattoos and Body Modifications

Tattoos and Body Modifications

Orginally posted on Versa lod

After any body modification it takes about one week for the worst of pain to be over, and about 1-3 a month to be fully healed, depending on how intrusive the procedure was.

Tattoos and Body Modifications
Modification Coverage example Cost
Tattoo, small* A symbol on the upper arm 10 gp
Tattoo, medium* From wrist to elbow 15 gp
Tattoo, large* From wrist to the top of the arm 25 gp
Tattoo, body* From neck to groin 40 gp
Piercing   5 gp
Scarification, small A symbol on the upper arm 1 gp
Scarification, medium From wrist to elbow 3 gp
Scarification, large From wrist to the top of the arm 5 gp
Branding small A symbol on the upper arm 10 gp
Branding medium From wrist to elbow 20 gp
Implant   10 gp
* Tattoo pricing is for basic ink only. If using a specialty ink, factor in those costs.

Ink Type Cost
Crystal Ink, sparkles in the light +5gp / size step
Glowing Ink, glows in the dark unless covered (as a candle) +10gp / sizestep

Material costs for epidermal implants: (Horns, studs or spikes.)
Metal Price
Silver 20 gp
Gold 40 gp
Platinum 60 gp
Any metal can be dyed into any feasable color for 5 gp.

Weapon Accessories

Many warriors replace their weapons bit by bit, changing handles, blades or heads at different times. Weaponsmiths profit from this by offering different ‘models’ of those components, some are merely ornaments, while others have a practical purpose.

Weapon Accessories
Item Cost
Weight Source
Boot Sheath 1 gp
Breaking Sheath 10 gp 1 lb.
Handle Tip +15 gp
Ornate flail/mace head +30 gp
Quicksheath (Light) 75 gp; 1 lb.
Quicksheath (Medium) 150 gp 2 lb.
Quicksheath (Heavy) 225 gp 3 lb.
Scabbards 4 gp 1 lb.
Scabbard, combat 1 gp 1 lb.
Scabbard Container 6 gp 1 lb.
Scabbard Dagger 12 gp 2 lb.
Scabbard Secret Container 9 gp 1 lb.
Scabbard Fancy 1d6 x 100 gp 2 lb.
Scabbard, false-bottomed 45 gp 1 lb.
Shield Sconce 1 gp 1/2 lb.
Staff Sheath 5 gp 1 lb.
Sword guard, ornate +125 gp
Sword guard, catcher +15 gp
Sword handle, ornate +100 gp
Sword handle, grip +100 gp
Sword Pommel, hollow 5 gp
Sword pommel, ornate +150 gp
Sword pommel, weighted +150 gp
Undine Weaponshaft +300 gp
Wand Sheath 25 gp 1 lb.
Weapon Cord 1 sp
Wrist Sheath 1 gp 1 lb.1
Wrist Sheath, spring loaded 5 gp 1 lb.1


Transport Goods or Services Cost Weight
Cart    200 lb
  100 lb
  300 lb
  400 lb

Hirelings, Servants & Services

This includes servants, slaves, and hirelings (trained and untrained) as well as various services that may be obtained in settled areas.

Fees and Tolls


Cost Weight
Road or gate toll 1 cp n/a



Cost Weight
Hireling, Trained 3 sp per day n/a
Hireling, Untrained 1 sp per day n/a
Item Cost Weight
Inn, good (per night) 2 gp
Inn, common (per night) 5 sp
Inn, poor (per night) 2 sp
Food & Lodging (aka Monthly Cost of Living)
Destitute 0 gp/month
Average 10 gp/month
Wealthy 100 gp/month
Extravagant 1,000 gp/month
Other Service
Item Cost Weight
2 cp per mile n/a
Spellcasting Caster level × spell level × 10 gp3 n/a


Cost Weight

Slave, common

75 gp 175 lbs.

Slave, hard labor

100 gp 200 lbs.

Slave, household

50 gp 130 lbs.

Slave, slip (halfling)

100 gp 39 lbs.

Slave, specialized

500 gp 160 lbs.


Item Cost Weight
Coach Cab 3 cp per mile n/a

Ship’s Passage

1 sp per mile n/a
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