feat Combat Precision

Precision (Fighter)(General)


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You deliver
fewer but more carefully aimed attacks.

Prerequisites: Intelligence 13, BAB +6.

Benefit: On your turn as a full attack action, you may choose to sacrifice iterative
attacks to increase the accuracy of your weapon attacks. You must designate
your intention to use Combat Precision before making your attacks. For every
iterative attack you sacrifice that round, all of your melee and ranged melee
attacks receive a +2 bonus to attack rolls. You always sacrifice your lowest
iterative attack first. For example, an 11th fighter with a BAB of +11/+6/+1 can sacrifice his +1 iterative attack to gain a +2 bonus
to his attack rolls with his remaining two attacks, or sacrifice both his +6
and +1 iterative attacks to gain a +4 bonus with his remaining attack.

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