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Lahamu was the first-born daughter of Tiamat and Apsu in Akkadian mythology. With her brother Lahmu she is the mother of Anshar and Kishar, who were in turn parents of the first gods. Lahamu is sometimes seen as a serpent, and sometimes as a woman with a red sash and six curls on her head. It is suggested that the pair were represented by the silt of the sea-bed.

She and her brother/husband are never mentioned separately.


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Lahmu is a deity from Akkadian mythology.


Lahmu, “Hairy” is the name of a protective and beneficent deity is a first-born son of Apsu and Tiamat. He and his sister Lahamu are the parents of Anshar and Kishar, the sky father and earth mother, who birthed the gods of the Mesopotamian Pantheon. Lahmu is depicted as a bearded man with a red sash-usually with three strands- and four to six curls on his head. Often associated with the kusarikku or Bull-Man. In Sumerian times Lahmu may have meant “the muddy one”. Lahmu guarded the gates of the Abzu temple of Enki at Eridu. He and his sister Lahamu are primordial deities in the Babylonian Epic of Creation –Enuma Elis and Lahmu may be related to – or identical with- ‘Lahamu’ one of Tiamat‘s Creatures in that epic.


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