God Belenus

Deity Title:
Deity Symbol: Solar disc.
Home Plane:
Deity Level: Intermediate god
Alignment: Neutral Good
Aliases: Belenos, Beli Mawr
Traditional Allies: Danu
Traditional Foes:
Divine Artifact:
Servitor Creatures:
Sacred Animal:
Signs of Favor:
Cleric Alignments :
Specialty Priests:
Holy Days:
Portfolio:  Fire, light, purification.
Domains: Fire, Protection, Sun.
Favored Weapon:
Favored Class:
Favored Race:
Duties of  the Priesthood: Filidh of Beli Mawr are before all expected to preside over religious ceremonies that involve purifying fires (such as Beltaine fires). Then, they must oppose all evil things of darkness, such as shadow creatures. Lastly, it is they who are in charge of the Celtic calendar, counting the passing of days, months, seasons, and years in looking at the position of the sun in the sky, as related to circles of standing stones.
Major Cult/Temple Sites:
Benefits: Priests of Beli Mawr have access to a special feat of their own: Radiance, that gives them a +2 bonus to the DC and d20 roll to overcome Spell Resistance, of all spells related to light and fire.

God of the sun and of fire, a patron of the druid. He has the ability to control the heat and light from fires and from the sun, bringing them into focus to destroy or blocking them off to freeze when he wishes. In spring his followers drive cattle through special Beltain fires while Belenus watches with favor and raises the overall quality of the livestock. Belenus encourages the construction of standing stones to measure the progress of his sun and sacred groves where his druid may meet and build great bonfires to him. He is the husband of Danu.

He enters the world of men frequently to visit with chieftains and court the ladies of the nobility. He can look unfavorably upon a particular village and cause the sun to stand still or never come up for some period of time. With such powers, he can easily bring otherwise powerful chieftains in line with his thinking.

Duties of the Priesthood

At least once in their lives they are required to take part in the construction of a stone structure in honor of their god and his sun. This usually takes at least a year. Meetings with other druid must take place in designated groves around enormous fires. Wandering druid must tend to forest fires, taking care that they occur in sufficient quantity to renew portions of the woods, but not too frequently that they devastate it.

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He represents the fire in its beneficial function, that of warming, lighting, and purifying. Beli Mawr represents the light who destroys “the evil lurking in the dark”, and as such is often called upon for protection. Beli Mawr is otherwise a god of beauty and harmony, and as such also acts as a patron of arts (typically goldsmithing). He is depicted as a warrior wearing armors, weapons, and a round shield of gold, and driving a fire chariot across the sky.

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