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Ardat the Unavowed

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Andrea Previtali Allégorie de la Fortune ailée Date c. 1490Andrea Previtali Allégorie de la Fortune ailée Date c. 1490

Ardat the Unavowed is a
demon lord
appearing as a 12-foot
tall, three-headed harpy, with raven-black wings and feathers.


Baphomet sought Ardat when
he wanted to enlist the aid of a cabal of half-fiend harpies known as the Soul
Sirens; when he betrayed them, Ardat became one of his enemies.


Ardat is a nomadic demon
lord, and has no realm of her own, drifting from realm to realm in search of

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the Unavowed
outsider (Chaotic, Cosmic, Evil, Mazza’im)
Hit Dice 32d8 +
352 (608 hp)
Initiative +28
Speed 40 ft.,
Fly 160 ft. (good)
50 (+10
deflection, +14 Dexterity, +7 insight, +10 natural, -1 size), touch 40, flat-footed
Base Attack/Grapple +32/+46
Attack 3 bites
+41 melee (3d6 + 10) or shortbow +50 ranged (1d8 + 15 and poison /x3)
Full Attack 3 bites
+41 (3d6 + 10) and 2 claws +39 melee (2d6 + 5) or shortbow +50+45/+40/+35
ranged (1d8 + 15 and poison /x3)
Space/Reach 10 ft.
/10 ft.
song, poison, shriek, sneak attack, spell-like abilities, summon demons,
sunder enchantment
reduction 20/epic, good and cold
, Darkvision, immunity to electricity,
sonic, mind affecting and poison, improved evasion, improved uncanny dodge,
resistance to acid 20, cold 20 and fire 20, Spell
33, telepathy
500 ft., triple headed, uncanny dodge
Saves Fort +33,
Ref +40, Will +29
Abilities Strength 30,
Dexterity 38, Constitution 32, Intelligence 22, Wisdom 24, Charisma 30
Skills Bluff
+45, Diplomacy +53, Hide
+45, Intimidate +49, Knowledge
(nature) +45, Knowledge (the
) +41, Listen +42, move silently
+49, Perform (oratory) +45, Perform (sing)
+45, Search +45, Sense
+42, Spot +46, Survival
+42 (+46 above ground, +46 on other planes, +46 tracking)
Feats Ability
(shriek), Combat Reflexes,
Dark Speech, Far
, Flyby Attack, Improved
, Multiattack, Point
Blank Shot
, Telling Blow, Track
Epic Feats Epic Ability
Focus (shriek), Epic
, Superior
Climate/Terrain The Infinite
Layers of the Abyss
Organization Solitary
Treasure Triple
Alignment Chaotic

Captivating Song (Ex):
When Ardat sings, all creatures (other than harpies) within a 600-foot spread
must succeed on a Will save (DC 36) or become captivated. This is a sonic mind-affecting
charm effect. A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected again by
Ardat’s song for 24 hours. The save DC is Charisma-based.

A captivated victim walks
toward Ardat, taking the most direct route available. If the path leads into
a dangerous area (through flame, off a cliff, or the like), that creature gets
a second saving throw. Captivated creatures can take no actions other than to
defend themselves. (Thus, a fighter cannot run away or attack but takes no defensive
penalties.) A victim within 5 feet of Ardat stands there and offers no resistance
to her attacks. The effect continues for as long as she sings and for 1 round
thereafter. A bard’s countersong ability allows the captivated creature
to attempt a new Will save.

If all of Ardat’s
heads sing together, the Will save to resist captivation is 40.

Poison (Ex): Injury;
DC 30; 2d6 Dexterity/2d6 Dexterity

Shriek (Su): Each
of Ardat’s three heads can unleash a bloodchilling shriek as its action.
Once a head shrieks, it may not do so again for 1d4 rounds. Each shriek affects
all creatures in a 60-foot radius spread. Ardat’s left headed shriek deals
1d6 points of Intelligence drain, her right head deals 1d6 points of Wisdom
drain and her central head deals 1d6 points of Charisma drain. A successful
Will save (DC 42) negates the ability drain but leaves the targets shaken for
1d4 rounds. A creature drained to 0 points in an ability score by this attack
is instead left with a score of 1 and is driven permanently insane, such that
he sees his allies as enemies and does everything in his power to murder them.
The insanity can be cured by greater restoration, miracle or wish.

Spell-like Abilities:
Always active – detect good, detect law, unholy aura (DC 28);

at will – astral
, blasphemy (DC 27), confusion
(DC 24), desecrate, greater
dispel magic
, suggestion (DC 23),
telekinesis (DC 25), greater
, unhallow, unholy
(DC 24);

3/day – antipathy
(DC 27), demand (DC 28);

1/day – dominate

(DC 29), power
word kill

Caster level 25th

Summon Demons (Sp):
3/day, Ardat can summon 2d8 succubi
or 2d6 vrocks.

Sunder Enchantment (Su):
Ardat’s touch functions as a break enchantment spell (Caster level 32nd),
sundering enchantments, transmutations and curses. If the creature that placed
the effect that is broken is within 60 feet of Ardat when she sunders that creature’s
effect, it suffers 20d6 points of nonlethal damage and is stunned for 1d4 rounds
as the backlash of magic strikes. A successful Fortitude save (DC 36) halves
the damage and negates the stunning.

Triple Headed: Ardat
has three heads, the left is a beautiful woman, the right is a twisted crone
and the middle head is a monstrous fang jawed harpy. Each of these heads can
perform a standard or move action per round. This can be a bite attack or the
use of a special attack. A spell-like ability can only be activated once per
round. It requires all three heads to make a full attack, but Ardat can move
in the same round that she takes a full attack action.

Possessions: Ardat wields
a +5 mighty (+10) composite shortbow of distance.


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