Devil Dagan

The Gates of Hell (Dice Freaks)
Grimoire of Cosmic Entities Volume One By Eli Atkinson, William Church and Serge W. Desir, Jr.
Original Concept by Serge W. Desir, Jr.
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DAGON, Duke of the Deep
Duke of Hell
Huge outsider (Devil, Evil, Extraplanar, Lawful)
SymbolAn indistinct face within a murky blue and black inverted triangle
fighter 10 
40d8 + 10d10 + 550 (970 hp)
Initiative+12 (+11 Dexterity, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed50 ft., Swim 100 ft., Fly 70 ft. (average)
58 (-2 size, +11 Dexterity, +36 natural, +3 profane), touch 22, flat-footed 47
AttackClaw +66 melee (3d8+19+1 vile 19-20/x2)
2 claws +66 melee (3d8+19+1 vile 19-20/ x2) and bite +62 melee (6d6+9+1 vile plus poison plus disease 19-20/x2) and tail slap +62 melee (4d8+9+1 vile 19-20/x2 +1d6 and Fort DC 54 or die)
Space/Reach15 ft./ 15 ft.
Call devils, infernal presence, improved grab, rake 3d8+28, spell-like abilities, swallow whole
Damage reduction 20/epic good and silver, Darkvision 60 ft., Duke of Hell qualities, regeneration 11, immunity to fire and poison, resistance to acid 20 and cold 20, see in darkness, Spell Resistance 47, telepathy 500 ft.
SavesFort +38, Ref +38, Will +37
AbilitiesStrength 49, Dexterity 32, Constitution 33, Intelligence 26, Wisdom 30, Charisma 29
SkillsBluff +54, Concentration +54, Diplomacy +64, Disguise +52 (+58 when acting in character), Gather Information +52, Handle Animal +62, Hide +46, Intimidate +68, Knowledge (religion) +54, Listen +62, Move Silently +64, Sense Motive +55, Spellcraft +51, Spot +62, Survival +53, Swim +80
FeatsDark Speech, Cleave, Corrupt Spell-like Ability B , Great Cleave, Greater Weapon Focus (claw), Improved Critical (bite), Improved Critical (claw), Improved Critical (tail), Improved Multiattack, Multiattack, Power Attack, Vile Natural Attack, Violate
Spell-Like Ability
, Weapon Focus (claw), Weapon Specialization (claw)
Armor Skin (x3), Devastating Critical (tail), Epic Evil Brand B , Epic Weapon Focus (claw), Overwhelming Critical (tail), Penetrate Damage Reduction (adamantine), Penetrate Damage Reduction (cold iron), Penetrate Damage Reduction (silver)
EnvironmentStygia, Fifth of the Nine Hells of Perdition
TreasureTriple standard
AlignmentLawful Evil
Vision d'artiste de Dagon en noir et blanc. Dominique Signoret
Vision d’artiste de Dagon en noir et blanc. Dominique Signoret

The darkness of the ocean depths is not merely the absence of light. It is a palpable thing; an entity that devours the unwary. Within, no warmth, no light, no life exists. Only the crushing pressure and the darkness, the always present darkness, offer their company. Those who truly believe they are alone in this murky void are terribly wrong however. Dagon lurks in the deep, its dark essence and soul.

The foul Dagon serves Prince Leviathan in the deepest depths of Stygia, preparing for a coming war that will consume the entire cosmos. Presumably this conflict will be directed at the Realms Above or the Mortal Coil, but some scholars have speculated that it is in actuality one that will be the culmination of Stygia’s schism from Hell. A great civil war that will encompass all Hell, the likes of which have not been seen since the Wars of Greed and Light. Of course, such speculation is the meaningless babble of minds maddened by forces they should have left well enough alone. One thing is certain, Dagon is amassing an army, both in the Mortal Coil and the Realities Beyond.

Dagon is a complex devil. He represents the dark and unforgiving nature of the sea, its lack of mercy and the mysteries concealed in its depths. He patrons those pirates who promise not to harm their victims, and then throw them into the sea. He is the champion of those who would use the ocean to advance their tyranny or hide their secrets. He is the watery grave of traitors; he is the just reward of the deceitful. He both delights in and is the death of the double crosser.

Dagon and the sahuagin god Sekolah have long been at odds with each other. Dagon appears to the sea devils as a demigod, and infringes upon Sekolah’s worship and portfolio. The Duke is protected by his master Prince Leviathan in this encroachment, for the sahuagin god would surely destroy him for this constant insult. So far Dagon’s cult among the sea devils is insufficient to gain the Duke godhood, but it grows with every year. Soon, the sahuagin deity may well find he has overstayed his welcome in Hell, as a truly divine Dagon sweeps down upon his tattered lair and devours his essence. What that would mean for the Lordship of the Fifth Hell, only time will tell. However, as loyalty reaps little fruit in Stygia, an all out war between Dagon and his master would be the most likely outcome.

Dagon currently is breeding himself an army of his own offspring. His cultists, known as the Brood, supply him with women, and he fathers as many marquis half fiends upon them as their womb will allow. After they are no further use to him, they are usually turned over to his court for amusements. Occasionally these women are allowed back to the Mortal Coil, their minds horribly shattered by the horrors they have endured. Few believe the wild tales that these poor souls tell. Those who do believe them find that it is best leaving the truth covered in mystery and disbelief.

Dagon is partially humanoid in appearance. He is covered in mottled blue-green scales from head to toe, like those of a shark. Webbing lines his hands and feet, both of which end in wicked claws. His head sits atop a powerfully muscled neck. Mostly human in appearance, long curly hair springs from his face and head, giving him a tangled beard. Powerful jaws, lined with multiple rows of shark like teeth form
his most distinctive feature. His gaping maw seems to go on forever, easily large enough to swallow even an ogre in a single gulp. When Dagon deigns to clothe himself, he dresses in simple loincloths made from humanoid hide and sharkskin.


Call Devils (Sp): Once per day, Dagon can automatically call 12 lemures, 8 barbazu or erinyes, 6 hamatulas or osyluths, 4 cornugons or Gelugons, or 2 pit fiends. Since these devils are called rather than summoned, they have the ability to summon their own reinforcements if so ordered. Conversely, 3/day Dagon may summon 12 lemures, 8 barbazu or erinyes, 6 hamatulas or osyluths, 4 cornugons or Gelugons, or 2 pit fiends. Dagon may either call or summon in a day; he may not do both.

Feast of All Souls (Su): 3/day as a standard action, Dagon may open his maw and rip the souls of his foes from their still living bodies. All living creatures within a 60 foot cone receive 4d6 negative levels. (Fortitude DC 41 for half) Any creatures who fail their saves by more than 10 are instantly slain, their souls devoured by Dagon. Only the direct intervention of a lesser or higher ranked god with the Gift of Life SDA can restore a creature killed by this power. Dagon gains 10 temporary hit points per HD of the slain creatures. He also gains a +1 profane bonus to attacks for every 10HD of creatures slain in this manner. Both the temporary hp and profane bonuses last for one hour.

Improved Grab (Ex): Dagon must hit with two claw attacks to use this ability. If he establishes and maintains a hold, he deals automatic claw damage every round. If he is in the water or air while he maintains the hold, he can also rake.

Infernal Presence (Su): Dagon·s Infernal Presence has a Will save DC of 39. His caster level is 49 th .

Regeneration (Ex): Dagon takes normal damage from good-aligned silvered weapons of at least +5 enhancement, and from spells with the good descriptor.

Sovereign of the Sea (Ex): When in contact with water, Dagon gains a competence bonus of +5 to his AC, attacks, saves, and special attack DCs. He possesses a Blindsight to a range of 200 feet while immersed as well.

3/day Dagon can increase the pressure of the ocean around him. All within 60 feet of Dagon take 15d6
points of bludgeoning damage and are paralyzed for 1d4 rounds. Movement speeds are halved for 9 rounds. A successful Fortitude save DC 46 halves the damage and negates the Paralysis effect.

Spell-like Abilities:

Caster level 49 th ; DC 19 + spell level.

Swallow Whole (Ex): If Dagon strikes with his bite attack, he can immediately make a grapple check against a large or smaller creature without invoking an attack of opportunity. If he wins, the creature is considered grappled within his mouth. On the following round, Dagon may make another grapple check; if he succeeds, the creature is considered swallowed. The swallowed creature takes 3d8+11 points of bludgeoning damage and 10 points of profane acidic damage per round from Dagon’s stomach. A swallowed creature can cut its way out by using a light slashing or piercing weapon to deal 40 points of damage to the stomach liner (Armor Class 31, Dagon’s damage reduction applies). Once the creature exits, Dagon’s regeneration closes the hole, another swallowed creature must cut its own way out. Dagon’s stomach may hold 1 Large, 2 Medium, 8 Small, 32 Tiny, or 128 Diminutive or smaller opponents. Creatures slain within Dagon’s belly have their very souls devoured, and are beyond any hope of resurrection save that of a wish or miracle (which must still penetrate Dagon’s Spell Resistance to succeed).

Tides of Treachery (Su): Dagon can grant great prowess to those who are willing to pay the price. Those that summon him (henceforth referred to as the “Brood”) can submit to an unspeakable ritual by which they are infused with the powers of Hell. In game terms, the Brood gains the half-fiend template with no overt changes to their physical appearance. The Brood also gains a Swim speed equal to double his land speed and the ability to breathe underwater as a permanent water breathing spell. Since their physical makeup is not altered greatly, the Brood does not gain wings or the ability to fly from this ritual. All of the changes from this ritual are instantaneous and extraordinary, so they are not subject to dispelling.

However, every month, the Brood must sacrifice an unwilling sentient female maiden who has just reached the age of puberty for her species. The ritual for the sacrifice sends the girl into Dagon’s fortress Gathron in the seas of Stygia where she is used to bear the Duke’s children. Failure to produce the sacrifice in time inflicts 1 negative level on the Brood. In addition, the Brood can use none of his special attacks or spell like abilities from the template during this time. Every week the sacrifice is delayed inflicts another negative level. These levels can never be removed through restoration or other such spells, the only way to rid them is to make the sacrifice with one additional victim per negative level received, or to atone, as described below. Should a Brood receive a number of negative levels equal to his total HD, he immediately dies and his soul becomes Dagon’s for eternity.

Atonement for the vile servitude of Dagon is a long road of hardship. First, a 21st level cleric must cast a miracle that rids the Brood of the half fiend template. There is a 15% chance that this loss kills the Brood, sending him immediately to Hell. Those who do not die must then perform a quest to free at least one of the girls who were sacrificed by the Brood. The Brood is not required to perform this rescue by himself, but he must be present for and take part in the dangers. The Brood still receives negative levels every week he does not make sacrifices. Upon a successful rescue, the Brood can receive an Atonement spell by a 21st level cleric, which removes the negative levels.

Summoning Dagon

Dagon will accept a live female of breeding age as a sacrifice. Using a female sahuagin provides a +2 bonus to the check. Using a willing female provides a +2 bonus to the check. These bonuses stack. The woman is to be presented for sacrifice on her hands and knees, naked and bound.

Once successfully summoned, Black Water begins to ebb from the circle, flowing inwards and forming a fifteen foot tall pillar. The faint outline of Dagon can be seen within, just the barest hint. Without warning, water blasts forth from the circle, striking all the summoners and the sacrifice. It is essential that the summoners keep their gaze upon Dagon at this moment, even in the rush of water. A Fortitude save DC 21 is required to resist blinking or turning away. If this is failed, the summoners are at the mercy of Dagon for 1 round before he leaves. Dagon typically attempts to swallow a summoner before he is forced back to Hell. If this save succeeds, the summoners see Dagon appear ever more clearly in the water until he emerges just barely, his face being the only portion of his body that is not immersed in the water.

If the summoning is successful and the summoners do not look away from the Duke during the initial rush, Dagon accords them with a very slight respect. He offers them the Tides of Treachery, and will agree to nearly anything should they accept this. If they do not accept Tides, he is still willing to deal with them, provided the task is overtly violent or involves either the ocean or the chance at female captives. Dagon is rough in his speech, but focused. If it seems he is being toyed with, he will attempt to shatter the barrier and inflict great harm on his summoners. If it seems he is being offered a fair deal, he is quick to make it and be done.

Should the summoners bother to look around during proceedings, they find the sacrifice is already gone, taken by the Duke. A Spot check DC 30 reveals her struggling in the water, most likely drowning, obviously in pain. Undue attention to her causes Dagon’s ire however, and should not be the concern of those who wish to remain in the Duke’s good graces.

After the bargaining is complete, Dagon’s face withdraws back into the water. Seizing his captive, the water grows opaque once more, concealing them from sight. The pillar of water then splashes to the ground, leaving behind 2d10 gallons of double strength unholy water.