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Mercenary Devil
Medium outsider (Evil,
Extraplanar, Lawful)
Hit Dice 13d8+91
(149 hp)
Initiative +11
Speed 40 ft.
(8 squares), Fly 80 ft. (good)
AC 33 (+7
Dexterity, +16 natural), touch 17, flat-footed 26
Base Attack/Grapple +13/+21
Attack +1 wounding
two-bladed sword +22 melee (1d8+9/19- 20 plus wounding) or +1 seeking hand crossbow +21 ranged (1d4+1/19-20 plus paralysing)
Full Attack +1 wounding
two-bladed sword +20/+15/+10 melee and +20 melee (1d8+9/19-20 plus wounding
and 1d8+5/19-20 plus wounding ) or 2 +1 seeking hand crossbows +19 ranged
(1d4+1/19-20 plus paralysing)
Space/Reach 5 ft.
/5 ft.
Fear aura,
paralysing bolts, sneak attack, spell-like abilities
reduction 15/magic or silver, Darkvision 60 ft., immunity to fire and poison,
resistance to acid 10, cold 10 and electrical 10, telepathy 100 ft., true seeing
Saves Fort +15,
Ref +15, Will +13
Abilities Strength 26,
Dexterity 24, Constitution 24, Intelligence 16, Wisdom 20, Charisma 20
Skills Bluff
+21, Concentration +23, Disguise
+23 (+25 acting), Gather Information
+21, Hide +27*, Intimidate
+23, Listen +25, Move
+27, Search +23, Spot
+25, Survival +21 (+23 following tracks)
Feats Improved
, Point-Blank Shot,
Quick Draw, Track,
Two-Weapon Fighting
Environment Lawful
evil planes
Organisation Solitary
or pair
Treasure +1 wounding
two-bladed sword, two +1 seeking hand crossbows
Alignment Always
lawful evil
Advancement 14-19
(Medium), 20-39 HD (Large)
+4 (cohort)

The hunched figure before
you is doubtlessly an agent of the lower planes, for only such a creature would
display such cold purpose and ferocity. It alternatively folds and unfolds its
bat-like wings as its horned head sniffs its surroundings. Its eyes have a glint
of immeasurable cunning that clashes with its beastly appearance.

Mercenary devils are usually
summoned by mortals to fulfil specific missions of stealth, thievery or murder.
Despite their shapechanging abilities, mercenary devils prefer to remain in
their natural form whenever possible.

A mercenary devil’s
true shape is that of a black, horned humanoid, with a barbed tail and bat-like
wings. These creatures have a constant crouching or stooped gait, as if they
were about to leap upon the observer (which is usually the case). They are the
embodiment of cold professionalism and deadly efficiency, a fact reflected by
their demeanour and expression.

Mercenary devils speak
Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Draconic and Infernal, plus they can communicate
telepathically with any living creature within 100 feet.


Mercenary devils favour
stealth and ranged attacks to close combat, but if pressed into melee they go
for it with gleeful abandon. Typically, a mercenary devil carries a +1 wounding
two-bladed sword and two +1 seeking hand crossbows loaded with paralysing bolts
(see below).

The weapons and natural
attacks of a mercenary devil count as both lawful and evil for the purposes
of overcoming damage reduction.

Fear Aura (Su): As
a free action, a mercenary devil can activate a fear aura reaching out 10 feet
beyond its body. Affected creatures must succeed at a Will save (DC 21, Charisma
based) or become stunned for 1d6 rounds. A creature that succeeds at this save
cannot be affected by the same mercenary devil’s fear aura for the next
24 hours.

Paralysing Bolts (Su):
The bolts of a mercenary devil’s crossbows are coated with a powerful
toxin, requiring any living creature successfully hit by them to succeed at
a Fortitude save (DC 20) or become paralysed for 2d6 rounds. These bolts do
not count as magical ammunition, but can be loaded on any hand crossbow. A mercenary
devil typically carries two quivers with 2d6 paralysing bolts each.

Sneak Attack (Ex):
This special attack mimics the rogue class ability of the same name. A mercenary
devil deals +6d6 additional damage with a successful sneak attack.

Spell-Like Abilities:
At will–darkness, Disguise Self, fog
, greater invisibility,
(DC 21), locate creature,
locate object, nondetection, True Strike.

3/day– Hold monster
(DC 20), Prying Eyes, telekinesis (DC 20).

1/day–Legend Lore.
Caster level 13th. Save DCs are Charisma based.

true seeing (Sp):
A mercenary devil’s senses are sharp enough to equal a continuous true seeing effect at caster level 13th. If the effect is dispelled, the mercenary
devil can reactivate it as a free action.

Skills: A mercenary
devil gains a +4 racial bonus on Hide, Listen, Move
, Search and Spot
checks. *In areas of low light of darkness, the Hide bonus goes up to +12.

Summoning Mercenary Devils

Mercenary devils love to
be summoned by mortals for tasks of stealth, thievery and assassination. A mercenary
devil can be summoned by a greater
planar binding
spell or by the calling creatures function of a gate spell.
Special rules apply to dealing with a mercenary devil in both cases. Summoning
a mercenary devil is always a lawful and evil act.

planar binding

– A mercenary devil summoned by greater
planar binding
to murder somebody,
guard a place, obtain secret information or secure a creature or object does
not require convincing (i.e., a Charisma check) to obey, nor will it flee if
it manages to break free (which the mercenary devil will indeed attempt for
the sake of commodity). However, it will always request a high payment and take
its anger out on the caster if the contract is not fulfilled.

Gate – A mercenary
devil called through a gate spell is always ready and willing to oblige –
as long as it gets paid for its efforts. In this case, the spell has no XP cost,
given the mercenary devil’s willingness to cooperate. However, a mercenary
devil summoned in this fashion will always request its full payment before performing
a task, which it will then carry out to the best of its ability.

Paying a Mercenary Devil

A mercenary devil will
require a payment equal to its Hit Dice x 1,000 gold pieces for every day (or
fraction thereof) of service. It always requires an advance payment of at least
its Hit Dice x 500 gold pieces, expecting the remainder of its fee immediately
upon completion of the job or its agreed service time. In exchange, the mercenary
devil performs its assigned duties honourably and to the letter. Should the
mercenary devil be denied its full payment upon completion of a task, it invariably
and immediately attacks, plus the offender will never again be able to call
upon the willing services of any mercenary devil. A mercenary devil can accept
magic items as payment, provided their gold piece value is at least equal to
its full payment. Payment in living beings is also acceptable, with one Hit
Die equalling 1000 gold pieces. The mercenary devil will always attempt to take
living beings given as payment back to its home plane, where it shall eat them,
play with them or use them as a bargaining tool with other devils as it sees


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