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This human woman would be staggeringly beautiful if not for her mouth: torn open at both edges with many, many sharp teeth.

Taken from Creature Codex

Kuchisake-onna, or “slit-mouthed women”, are a physical manifestation of the human fear of strangers. They have no existence beyond killing, maiming and striking terror into communities, and seemingly appear out of nowhere when a city is in crisis. The modus operandi of a kuchisake-onna is typically to disguise themselves as a human, which is as easy as covering their hideous mouths with a mask or cloth, then asking random people if they are beautiful. Regardless whether the mark answers yes or no, mayhem and murder are likely to follow as the kuchisake-onna reveals her deformity and attacks with her teeth and wickedly sharp scissors. Some victims are slain outright—others are left with trademark wounds mimicking a kuchisake-onna’s mouth. The persecutions of harmless vagrants and recriminations within the community that follow these attacks are bread and butter to the malicious fey.

The origins of kuchisake-onna are mysterious—some claim that they were originally nymphs or other goodly fey corrupted by the encroachment of civilization, or the children of a bogeyman lord, or the spirits of murdered women reborn for revenge. Most kuchisake-onna are female, but male versions, or kuchisake-otoko, are not unheard of. These tend to be more common in areas where men, rather than women, lack personal autonomy and power, the better to strike victims with surprise. Oddly, even kuchisake-onna preying on non-human communities appear as humans—there they sow suspicion against outsiders rather than the strangers in one’s midst.

Despite their predatory cunning, kuchisake-onna are themselves somewhat weak-minded and gullible for fey—even children have been known to outwit a kuchisake-onna with a clever answer to her questions or with a ruse. Most kuchisake-onna are solitary, but they may work cooperatively in especially vulnerable cities or under the direction of a powerful evil fey.

Kuchisake-Onna               CR 6
XP 2,400

CE Medium fey
Init +5; Senses low-light vision, Perception +14
frightful presence (30 ft., DC 19)
17, touch 16, flat-footed 11(+1 natural, +5 Dex, +1 dodge)
60 (11d6+22)
Fort +5, Ref +12, Will +7
5/cold iron; SR 17
 mirror of humanity
Speed 40 ft.
Melee masterwork combat shears +13 (1d6+2/19-20×3), bite +7 (1d8+1) or bite +12 (1d8+2)
Special Attacks 
disfiguring strike, sneak attack +4d6
Base Atk 
+5; CMB +7; CMD 23
15, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 15, Wis11, Cha 18
Combat Expertise,Deceitful,Dodge, Improved Feint, Nimble Moves, Weapon Finesse
 Acrobatics +19 (+21 when jumping)Bluff +22, Disguise +22, Escape Artist +19, Knowledge (local) +16, Perception +14, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +19; Racial Modifiers -8 Sense Motive
mirror of humanity
solitary, pair, pack (3-6) or nightmare (1-6 plus 1 bogeyman)
standard plus masterwork combat shears
Special Abilities
Disfiguring Strike (Ex) 
A kuchisake-onna deals a number of points of Charisma damage equal to her sneak attack dice when she deals sneak attack damage. A successful DC 17 Fortitude save reduces this to 1 point of Charisma damage. On a critical hit, the Charisma damage is drain instead. The save DC is Strength-based.
Mirror of Humanity (Ex) 
A kuchisake-onna takes no penalties for disguising herself as human and can use magic items as if she were a human. She is treated as both human and fey for the purposes of all spell effects and other abilities based on creature type, such as a ranger’s favored enemy bonus.

New Weapon—Combat Shears
Light melee exotic weapon; 10 gp; dmg 1d4 (Small)/ 1d6 (Medium); critical 19-20×3; damage slashing and piercing.

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