m False Breasts

False Breasts

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Book of Erotic Fantasy
Author: Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel

These realistic and attractive looking breasts are carved from a single piece of exotic wood and have concave bases. Despite the material, false breasts are slightly warm and fleshlike to the touch. When placed on the chest of a male humanoid, monstrous humanoid, or fey, they bond in place. After 1 round, the false breasts change until they match the skin tone of the wearer, and both look and feel completely natural. The wearer can then choose the size of the breasts and they remain that size until the false breasts are removed and donned again. The wearer feels sensations as if they were real breasts. It does not bond to the skin of a female, or any creature type other than humanoid, monstrous humanoid, or fey.

Faint transmutation; Caster Level: 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, alter self; Price: 6,000 gp; Weight: 2 lb.

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