m Gloves of Subtle Casting

Gloves of Subtle Casting

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Crime and Punishment
Author Keith Baker
Series Campaign Style
Publisher Atlas Games
Publish date 2003
Pages 160
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Originally created by an elite order of mystical assassins, these gloves alter the energy of any spell cast by the wearer. This minimizes the impression that the spells leave on an area. For purposes of Detect Magic, detect magical residue, and detect mystical streams, the aura strength of the spell is reduced by 1 category (to a minimum level of dim) and the DC of any Spellcraft checks to analyze the nature of the spell are increased by 5. If the wearer also possesses the feat Suppress Spell Energy, the benefits are cumulative. Due to their nature, the gloves of subtle casting will not register as magical if studied with Detect Magic; however, they have distinctive mystical sigils embroidered on the lining. Identify can be used to determine the abilities of the gloves.

Faint illusion; CL 4th; Craft Wondrous Item, Suppress Spell Energy, magic aura; Price 3,200 gp

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