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Hat of Hatreds

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Source: Advanced Player’s Guide

Hat of Hatreds Aura moderate illusion; CL 10th
Slot head; Weight — DESCRIPTION This hat performs in all ways like a hat of disguise until its owner attempts to use it to disguise himself in the presence of a hostile creature. Once he does, the hat causes him to assume the guise of the creature or person the hostile creature most wants to harm. The hat never causes the wearer to assume the appearance of someone the viewer wouldn’t harm if he had the opportunity (for example, the greatly feared leader of the local temple).

Once the hat reveals its true abilities, it no longer responds to attempts by its wearer to change his appearance. Instead, it automatically causes him to take on the guise of someone known to and despised by those viewing him, complete with supplementary illusions that make that wearer appear disoriented, injured, or weak. For example, in a goblin lair, the wearer might look like the tribe’s chief, but sleepy and vulnerable. In a human town, the wearer may look like the hated local bully, drunk and staggering. In an evil town, the wearer looks like a confused visitor and appears to be an ideal target to victimize with some crime.

Curse-breaking magic is necessary to remove the hat. CREATION Magic Items hat of disguise

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