m Helm of Alertness

Relics & Rituals: Excalibur
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By Evan Jamieson, Lizard, Aaron Rosenberg, Christina Stiles and Relics & Rituals: Excalibur team


This helm has been enchanted to protect the wearer from harm. It adds a +1 armor bonus to AC, but more importantly the person wearing this helm cannot bedazed or stunned, regardless of blows or spells.The wearer is immune to spells like addled, daze, and confusion. The helm also shields the wearer from blindness or deafness, both natural and magical (anyone wearing this helm is immune tothe effect of dazzling weapons or armor).

Moderate abjuration; CL 7th; Craft Wondrous Item; dispel magic, spell shield, magic shield ;Price 10,000 gp; Weight 3 lb.