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Miniatures Producers


Manufacturer of 25-28mm scale detailed resin scenic accessories. From fantasy through modern to Sci-fi genres.

Alpha Forge Games

Manufacturer of a range of high quality 28mm Science Fiction miniatures , including humans ,war droids and aliens.

Amazon miniatures

Over 5000 28mm historical, fantasy and science-fiction figures available.

Practicality every Genre catered for, their site also includes an interactive area

Assassin Miniatures

Top quality pewter sculpted figures

Copplestone Castings

28mm Figures Range goes from first world though Gangsters to Future Wars and they also have a small selection of fantasy figures

They also supply a variety of rules to go with their figures

EM4 Miniature’s

Supplier of fantasy and science fiction pre-painted miniatures ,unpainted miniatures, paints, dice, accessories, distributor of Corvus Belli 15mm and 28mm historical miniatures.

Outpost Wargames scenery

Manufacturer’s 25mm figure ranges are Highwaymen ,Border Reivers ,Mexican Revolution and Ancient
They also produced 15mm figures plus a range of Ancient Ships (1/3600) and Medieval Cogs (1/1200)

Mainly Military & MBG Accessories – Manufacturer of fine cast wargames and diorama accessories

Magister Militum comprise Navigator Miniatures, Noble Miniatures, Chariot Miniatures and Hallmark Figures.
There Manufactured 25mm figures range from ancients up to the Crusaders in time scale
They also produce10mm and15mm ranges

Urban Mammoth – Sci Fi and Fantasy Miniatures as well as Games

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