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An Amazon, by Franz von Stuck.

An Amazon, by Franz von Stuck.

This statuesque beauty stands as tall as 6 ft. her skin is fair and her hair is long, brown, and curly. She wields a javelin and has a few more strapped to her back. Also strapped to her back is a quiver of arrows and a shortbow. She wears form-fitting leather armor which hugs her curvy body tightly. This woman is no doubt an amazon.

Legend has it that once, long ago there lived a tribe of strong warriors, these warriors, being a powerful and dominant force in the region grew arrogant in their abilities and of their power. They began to mistreat and abuse their womenfolk.

The women began lamenting their fate at the hands of the cruel men, they cried out in prayer to their gods for deliverance. The gods heard them, they decided to curse the men for such arrogance and cruelty and bless the women who had suffered so long. The curse goes -like this No amazon man will ever wield a weapon nor shall he strike a woman- . The women were blessed with strength, beauty and grace.

However the women had relied upon the men for protection and without them they were vulnerable to attack by their neighbors. In response to this, the god of war trained them in the ways of battle. The women took up the sword and became skilled warriors while the men could not fight and were forced to stay home.

The Amazons are a nation of all-female warriors in a regions bordering Scythia in Sarmatia, Asia Minor and Libya.

Notable queens of the Amazons are Penthesilea, who participated in the Trojan War, and her sister Hippolyta, whose magical girdle was the object of one of the labours of Hercules. Amazonian raiders were often depicted in battle with Greek warriors in amazonomachies.

The Amazons become associated with various historical peoples throughout the Roman Empire period and Late Antiquity. In Roman historiography, there are various accounts of Amazon raids in Asia Minor.

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Medium-size humanoid
Hit Dice 4d8+8 (26 hp)
Initiative +2
Speed 40 ft.,
Armor Class 16 (+2 armor [leather armor], +2 Dexterity, +2 natural) touch 12, flat-footed 14
Base Attack/Grapple +3/+6
Attack masterwork composite shortbow +6 ranged (1d6+4/x3), or javelin +5 ranged (1d6+3/x2), or Battleaxe +6 melee (1d8/x3)
Full Attack masterwork composite shortbow +6 ranged (1d6+4/x3), or javelin +5 ranged (1d6+3/x2), or Battleaxe +6 melee (1d8+3/x3)
Space/Reach 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks -
Special Qualities Low-Light Vision, resist male dominance
Saves Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +1 (+5 against enchantments from males)
Abilities Strength 16, Dexterity 15, Constitution 15, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 9, Charisma 12
Skills Escape Artist +7, Hide +7, Intimidate +6 (+10 against male creatures), Jump +12, Listen +2, Search +3, Spot +2
Feats Dodge, Power Attack
Environment Any
Organization Solitary, or squad (3-5), or patrol (3-8)
Challenge Rating 3
Treasure Standard
Alignment Usually Chaotic (any)
Advancement By character level

Amazons are a race of warrior women who devote their entire existence to war and sport. They are strictly a matriarch society avoiding the company of men. They are a matriarchy amazons are led by Warrior-Queens/High Priestesses.There were two queens ruling each tribe, one for defense and one for domestic affairs. They are also known for having waged war against the people of Atlantis. The Amazons led by Hippolyte have also attacked Hellas in the past but were vanquished. Some amazon tribes led by Penthesilia helped defend Troy against the forces led by Agammenon.

Head of a Wounded Amazon of the Capitol-Mattei type. Marble

Head of a Wounded Amazon of the Capitol-Mattei type. Marble

However, from time to time they visit neighboring countries for a few days to mate with men and get pregnant. Afterwards, they keep the female offspring and send back the male offspring back to the fathers. In some cases, the male offspring is strangled upon birth. These amazons are evil and seek the destruction of men. Amazons are slow to anger except when challenged, threatened, or
disrespected by men.

This warrior race live civilized lives despite their chaotic nature. These civilized lands are usually, if not, always governed by an amazon queen – the Matriarch. Amazons love sparring, competitions of sport, archery, hunting, participating in foreign wars, and proving that women are just as good, if not, better than men. Rarely are men seen living with amazons. Though, if they are living among them, they are never in a position of power. In fact, they mostly serve amazons as a means to breed. Benign amazon cultures have been known to let men serve as guardians and perform other menial tasks. Malevolent amazon culture use men as slaves, tortured prisoners, and as a means of breeding. At the first time the man fails to produce a female offspring, they are often executed along with their newborn son. Even rarer, men who have achieved positions of power do so through the permission of the Matriarch or by seizing control through force.

Amazon civilizations consist of beautifully crafted stone structures supported by columns. These civilizations are usually surrounded by natural environments such as mountains and forests, but can also be in wide-open areas. They often trade with other countries for any resources they may need. Men are watched carefully as they pass through amazonian territory, though amazons do not attack unless provoke. The same can’t be said for evil amazons, though. Amazons living outside their territory are usually mercenaries, even to men – though at a higher price. Sometimes, amazons will leave behind their old traditions in favor of living with the man they love, though they never bow down to them. These amazons are usually, but not always, shunned by their fellow amazons.

Amazons are usually chaotic, though due to the deities they serve, they tend towards evil, good, and neutral. They stand, on average, close to 6 ft. tall and weigh little more than a male elf. Amazons have curvy and slightly muscular bodies. Due to the fact that they breed with different types of men, amazons can be of any skin color and their hair and eyes vary in texture and color. When not dressed in their battle gear, amazons wear loose-fitting gowns with elegant jewelry. Given extended lives by the deities they serve, amazons reach adulthood at the age of 30 and can live to be more than 500 years old. Even at their oldest, the warrior women remain beautiful and youthful in appearance despite a few small indications of wrinkles. Amazons need to sleep, eat, and breathe like other humanoids.

Amazons worship their Amazonian deities. However, they have been known to worship other deities that they feel represent their ideals. Their best warriors come from their priestess caste's for most amazons there main God is Artemis. Other deities worshiped are Zeus, Hera and Athena (lawful amazons only, of course.), With some of the more violent tribes worshiping Ares. In rare cases, amazons worship cosmic entities. Even though they may worship male powers, amazons still maintain their matriarch societies.

Amazons stand 5-11" to 6-3" tall and weigh a little over 135 pounds. They speak Common. An amazon adventurer is motivated by the excitement of battle and the chance to prove the might of the amazons.


Amazons love picking off their foes from a distance with their before moving in close to finish any who remain with their javelins, if necessary. They never throw their last javelin.

Resist Male Dominance (Ex): Amazons will not be subjugated by men. They gain a +4 bonus on Will saves against enchantment spells and effects from male creatures.

Possessions: There weapons are pretty consistent. Amazons usually carry with them a masterwork composite shortbow (a tribute to Artemis), a quiver of 20 arrows, the double-headed battle axe and crescent shaped shields (another tribute to the Moon Goddess) and spears and5-7 javelins, and their leather armour.

They also possess gold, jewellery, weapons, and armour collected from hunting or their mercenary work.


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Amazon and Centaur, by Franz von Stuck.

Amazon and Centaur, by Franz von Stuck.

Amazons possess the following racial traits:

__ +4 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +4 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma.

__ Medium: As Medium-size creatures, amazons have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

__An amazon's base land speed is 40 ft.

__+2 natural armor bonus. An amazon’s skin is tougher than other humanoids.

__ Low-Light Vision.

__Weapon Proficiency: Amazons are proficient with javelins (thus they do not take the -4 penalty when using them in melee combat) and shortbow (including composite shortbow). Amazons are skilled at picking off their foes from a distance with their composite shortbows before moving in close to finish any who remain with their javelins and axes, if necessary.

__+2 racial bonus on Escape Artist, Hide, Intimidate, and Jump checks.

__+4 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks against male creatures.

__Special Qualities (see above): Resist male dominance.

__Racial Hit Dice: An amazon begins with 4 levels of humanoid, which provide 4d8 Hit Dice, a base attack bonus of +3, and base saving throws of Fort +1, Ref+4, Will+1 (Reflex being the good save).

__Racial Skills: An amazon’s humanoid levels give her skill points equal to 7 x (2 + Intelligence modifier, minimum 1). Her class skills are Escape Artist, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Search, and Spot.

__Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Any. Like humans, amazons are diverse and can learn any language, if given the chance.

__Favored Class: Fighter.

__Level Adjustment: +2

The amazon presented here had the following ability scores before racial adjustments:

Strength 12, Dexterity 13, Constitution 11, Intelligence 8, Wisdom 9, Charisma 10.


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