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Ammit is the personification of divine retribution for all the wrongs one had committed in life and she dwellls in the Hall of Ma'at, near the scales of justice, in the underworld, Duat, where the hearts of the dead were weighed by Anubis against the feather in Ma'at's headdress. Ma'at was regarded as the personification of the principles of truth and justice. The hearts of those who failed the test were given to Ammit for her to devour, and their souls were not permitted to enter Aaru, having to be restless forever—dying a second time.

Ammit was not worshipped, and she was never regarded as a goddess. Instead, she embodied all that the Egyptians feared, threatening to bind them to eternal restlessness if they did not follow the principle of Ma'at. Thus Ammit was depicted with the head of a crocodile or dog, the front part of her body as a lioness or leopard, and her hind quarters in the form of a hippopotamus, a combination of those animals which were considered as the most dangerous to the ancient Egyptians. Although often referred to as a demon, technically, however, in destroying evil she acted as a force for good.

Her role is reflected in her name, which means Devourer or, more accurately, and less euphemistically, Bone Eater, and her titles such as Devourer of the dead, Devourer of millions (Am-heh in Egyptian), Eater of hearts, and Greatness of Death. In some traditions, Ammit was said to stand by a lake of fire, into which the unworthy hearts were cast, rather than her eating them. In this role, Ammit was more the lake guardian than the destroyer, which some scholars believe may be evidence of syncretism of a fiery lake belief, from an as yet unidentified elsewhere. In still another version, Ammut ate the condemned person, rather than only the heart. An evil person then dissolved forever in her stomach.

Some experts have linked Ammit with the goddess Taweret, who has a similar physical appearance and, as a companion of Bes, also protected others from evil. Other authors have noted that Ammit's lioness characteristics, and the lake of fire, may be pointers to a connection with the goddess Sekhmet.

Although Ammit is seen as a devouring entity, its order is neutral and strictly serves at the whim of the other deities to take souls that have sinned against God and put them into oblivion.

Female creature that sits under the Scales of Justice. She has the head of a crocodile, the body of a lion, and the hindquarters of a hippopotamus. The hearts of the dead were placed upon one of the scales and a feather from Ma'at, the goddess of truth, on the other. If the heart weighs more than the feather, Ammut will eat it, ending all hope for future existing for the individual

Roleplaying Notes

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Large magical beast
Hit Dice 6d10 + 18 (51 hit points)
Initiative +1 (Dexterity)
Speed 20 ft, Swim 30, Burrow 10
AC 17 (-1 size, +1 Dexterity, +7 natural)
Attacks Bite +10 melee and 2 Claws +5 melee
Damage Bite 2d6+5; Claw 2d4 +2
Face/Reach 5 ft by 10 ft/ 5 ft
Special Attacks Swallow Whole, Roar, Ghost Touch
Special Qualities Dark Vision 60 ft, Low-Light Vision, Scent, Hama Sight
Saves Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +2
Abilities Strength 20, Dexterity 13, Constitution 17 , Intelligence 10, Wisdom 13, Charisma 14
Skills Climb +14, Move Silently +10, Intimidate +4
Feats Alertness
Climate/Terrain Any underground
Organization Solitary, Clan (1d12), or Settlement (2d20)
Challenge Rating 4
Treasure Standard
Alignment Usually Neutral Evil
Advancement 7-15 HD (Huge); 16-18 HD (Gargantuan)

The legendary witness at the judging of the dead, the ammut consume the damned. An ammut resembles a cross between a crocodile, a lioness, and a hippopotamus in mannish form. They have the tail and scaly legs of a crocodile, the tubby belly and thick neck of a hippo, and the sleek arms and head of a humanoid lioness. They are fat, bloated animals, and they are completely oblivious to their surroundings when feeding on wicked souls. Few creatures hunt the ammut because their flesh is oily and has the taint of decay about it.

A reclusive race, the ammut generally avoid living critters. They settle in caverns, fissures, and tunnels under desert oasis and near underground rivers. They also congregate in or near evil cities and necropoli where the spirits they pursue are common. They often burrow into tombs and burial grounds. The females are the hereditary rulers among the ammut, and their word is usually obeyed. Rulership is as much a function of size and Strength as Wisdom and cunning (the ruling calipha of an ammut settlement is usually a 16 to 18 HD gargantuan female); revolts and power struggles over rich feeding grounds are common. Females generally force male ammut to do most of the burrowing for new hunting grounds and breeding sites.

Ammut eat the spirits of the evil and the damned. The spirit form or hama of wicked people is always either a week flier (such as a rooster or parrot) or completely unable to Fly (like an emu or a bird with clipped feathers). Ammut can eat corporeal creatures but they gain no nourishment from them, so they tend to just play with their kills. They often kill evil men to provide themselves with food (when the evil spirit is released).


An ammut attacks with tooth and nail.

Swallow Whole (Ex): If an ammut hits with a critical bite attack, their gaping jaws may unhinge, allowing them to swallow creatures one size or more smaller than themselves (Ammut with more than 10 hit dice often take the Improved Critical (bite) feat). The process is slow and requires 1d4 rounds to complete. During this time, the creature being swallowed is slowly forced into the ammut's gullet with its jaws and hands. Creatures being swallowed may attack (-4 penalty to attack bonus, but all hits are considered critical) with small piercing weapons during this process.

Roar (Su): Ammut can roar deafeningly once every ten rounds. All creatures within 20' must make a Fort save (DC 16) or be deafened for 1d10 rounds. This is equivalent to a Full Attack Action. The roaring of ammuts can be heard for miles underground, giving rise to legends of angry earth spirits and passageways to the land of the dead. The ammut roar when mating or when staking out territory, as well as in combat. The ammut seem to enjoy making noise, so sometimes they roar just for the sheer joy of it.

Ghost Touch (Su): Ammut deal damage normally against incorporeal creatures, and an incorporeal creature's 50% chance to avoid damage does not apply to an ammut's attacks. An ammut's attacks on an incorporeal creature are considered to be magical enough to overcome any applicable damage reduction.

Hama Sight (Su): Ammut can detect evil when viewing creatures, and they can see ethereal creatures and objects. This is a constant ability.

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