Gazra Governor of Abriymoch

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Camposanto Monumentale (Monumental graveyard) in Pisa, Italy: Trionfo della Morte ("Triumph of Death") by Buonamico Buffalmacco. The Devil Camposanto Monumentale (Monumental graveyard) in Pisa, Italy: Trionfo della Morte ("Triumph of Death") by Buonamico Buffalmacco. The Devil

The Gates of Hell (Dice Freaks)

Grimoire of Cosmic Entities Volume One By Eli Atkinson, William Church and Serge W. Desir, Jr.
Original Concept by Serge W. Desir, Jr.

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Gazra, Governor of Abriymoch
Pit Fiend (8th Circle General of the Legions of Hell)
Large outsider (Devil, Evil, Extraplanar, Lawful)
Rogue 10/Guardian Paramount 7
Hit Dice 30d8 + 17d6 + 376 (570 hp)
Initiative +16
Speed 40 ft., Fly 60 ft. (average)
Armor Class 46 (+6 armor, +8 Dexterity, +23 natural, -1 size), touch 17, flat-footed 40
Base Attack/Grapple +39/+58
Attack Rod of tyranny +62 melee (2d6+24); or claw +53 melee (2d8+15)
Full Attack Rod of tyranny +62/+57/+52/+47 melee (2d6+24) and 2 wings +51 melee (3d6+7) and bite +51 melee (4d6+7 plus poison and disease) and tail slap +51 melee (2d8+7); or 2 claws +53 melee (2d8+15) and 2 wings and bite and tail slap
Space/Reach 10 ft. /10 ft.
Special Attacks Constrict, fear aura, improved grab, sneak attack +5d6, spell-like abilities, summon devils
Special Qualities Adjust probability, damage reduction 15/ epic good and silver, Darkvision 60 ft., evasive preceptor, immunity to fire and poison, improved evasion, improved uncanny dodge, protective aura, resistance to acid 15 and cold 15, regeneration 8, see in darkness, Spell Resistance 46, telepathy 100 ft., trap finding, trap sense +3, uncanny dodge, uncanny dodge enabler
Saves Fort +34, Ref +36, Will +40
Abilities Strength 40, Dexterity 27, Constitution 27, Intelligence 26, Wisdom 32, Charisma 31
Skills Balance +10, Bluff +62, Climb +36, Concentration +29, Decipher Script +21, Diplomacy +60, Disguise +31 (+37 acting), Gather Information +41, Hide +48, Intimidate +62, Jump +38, Knowledge (Arcana) +41, Knowledge (local) +31, Knowledge (nature) +18, Knowledge (nobility) +18, Knowledge (the planes) +45, Knowledge (religion) +35, Listen +61, Move Silently +42, Perform (oratory) +20, Search +44, Sense Motive +60, Sleight of Hand +23, Spellcraft +39 (+41 with scrolls), Spot +55, Survival +35 (+39 on another plane, +39 tracking), Tumble +31, Use Magical Device +24 (+28 with scrolls)
Feats Alertness, Blind-Fight, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Improved Combat Expertise, Improved Initiative, Investigator, Leadership, lightning reflexes, Mage Slayer, Multiattack, Pierce Magical Concealment, Power Attack, Track
Epic Feats Leadership, Epic Reputation, Superior Initiative Blinding Speed, Epic Combat Expertise, Epic
Climate/Terrain Abriymoch, Phlegethon (Phlegethos), Fourth of the Nine Hells of Perdition
Organization Solitary (unique), or pair (Gazra and Naamah (Lady Fierana), or troupe (9 Pit Fiends, 27 Horned (Cornugon), 81 Barbed (Hamatula)
Challenge Rating 34
Treasure Rod of tyranny and other possessions

Gazra is one of the most powerful pit fiends not directly associated with the Courtiers of Perdition. Technically serving under Dark Minister Zimimar, Gazra is far more closely intertwined with the politics of Phlegethon (Phlegethos). Indeed, of his many responsibilities, including governing Abriymoch and overseeing the security of Hell’s first four Perditions, Gazra takes his role as Naamah's (Lady Fierana) bodyguard and lover the most seriously. Indeed, Gazra is totally committed to the Grand Duchess of Phlegethon (Phlegethos), although he takes severe pains to disguise
his perverse affection - he is in love with her - from all, including Naamah (Lady Fierana) herself.

Gazra has served as the Security Master for the Four Lower Perditions for over a thousand years and controls the most hamatulas in Hell beyond the infiltrators of the Blood War. However, he only recently (the past century) assumed the status of governor of Abriymoch and,
consequently, stewardship over the Lake of Fire. These new appointments all came at the personal behest of Naamah (Lady Fierana) and, at least publicly, have the support of Arch Duke Belial. To date, Gazra has done a superlative job with his expanded duties. His security forces have uncovered plots against the Lords of the Fourth, incursions into Phlegethon (Phlegethos), and even an attempt from a few Barregons to bathe within the Lake of Fire.

However, Gazra is far more interested in politics than he is in continuing with the Legions of Hell. His canny ability to use his resources to blackmail and cajole even Dukes of Hell has earned him regular invitations to the Court of Phlegethon (Phlegethos). He has even been in the Gatherings of Perdition in Nessus a number of times. Although most suspect that Gazra’s interests are to solely perpetuate his own power, in truth he is also interested in seeing the rise of his secret love, Naamah (Lady Fierana).

Everything Gazra has done to for the past millennium has revolved around putting him in a position to see Naamahs (Lady Fierana's) rise to power. Every Duke he has crossed, every rival pit fiend he has cowed, every spy in his employ, every action Gazra has taken is dedicated to increasing Naamahs (Lady Fierana's) authority. Gazra is well aware of the game he is playing. Should his perverted affections be discovered, his successes would wither into smoke and he would likely suffer at best an immediate demotion if not annihilation. Somehow, though, Gazra has concealed not only his goals but his love.

Gazra has a cool relationship with his true master, Zimimar. Both fiends are well aware of Gazra’s status in Hell and Zimimar reluctantly accepts that she can only expect so much from the Governor of Abriymoch as it relates to military service; Gazra, for his part, has done everything to reveal his lack of interest in performing additional duties for the Legions of Hell. Still, Gazra is wise enough to know when he has to make concessions.

The Governor of Abriymoch is universally hated by most of the Dukes of Phlegethon (Phlegethos), particularly those of fiendish origins as they have suffered severely from his blackmail and extortion. However, they all know that he is a favorite of Naamah (Lady Fierana) and leave him be for now. Naamah (Lady Fierana) is delighted with Gazra. While she has no idea as to the depths of his affection, she does know that he is almost stupidly loyal to her and manipulates his emotions. Fierana has expertly created a great rift between her father and Gazra, hoping that one day the Governor will dash all caution aside and join her in a bid to cast Belial down. Belial is well aware of Gazra’s contempt, but could not care less. So far as Belial is concerned, Gazra is a lowly pit fiend, a mere play thing of his daughter and, when she grows tired of him, he will be crushed. For the time being, Belial allows Gazra great lee-way within Phlegethon (Phlegethos) because it suits his purposes (chief among those, keeping the Dukes of Phlegethon (Phlegethos) in check).

Gazra is appears as a fiery, red pit fiend in black leather armor covered in silver spikes. He usually wears a great black cloak and always carries his rod of tyranny. He speaks slowly and with great care, never jumps to conclusions, and is an excellent judge of character…except where Naamah (Lady Fierana) is concerned.


If engaged in combat by himself or with normal devils, Gazra casts greater invisibility and unholy aura on his person before moving in for sneak attacks on his foes. He reserves his usage of adjust probability for successful attacks against his own person rather than benefiting
any of his troops. He likes to single out and close with mages, who are especially vulnerable to his attacks of opportunity.

If attacked while with Naamah (Lady Fierana), his first action is to use his protective aura on her. He remains by her side as best he can, using his Epic Combat Expertise to increase her own armor class as much as possible. His evasive preceptor is largely useless to defend her, as she already possesses improved evasion, but he will have already activated his uncanny dodge enabler on her person. As Naamah (Lady Fierana) likes to dance around the battlefield, Gazra is often hard pressed to keep up with her.

Due to his lower than normal caster level for his spell-like abilities, he rarely uses them offensively on foes with Spell Resistance. Against mortal enemies, however, he is not at all above detonating fireballs on his own person to clear away those who get too close.

Adjust Probability: Twice per day (or at will if in Phlegethon (Phlegethos)) Gazra may force a creature within 25 feet of him (enemy or ally) to reroll an attack roll, check or saving throw as an immediate action. He may only use this ability once per round, regardless of his location. The second result is used regardless of whether or not it is better than that original.

Call Back (Sp): Once per day, Gazra may restore life to a creature that he used any of his guardian paramount special abilities on within the past twenty four hours. This functions as true resurrection; 12th caster level.

Constrict (Ex): Gazra deals 2d8 + 30 points of damage with a successful grapple check.

Disease (Su): A creature struck by Gazra's bite attack must succeed at a DC 32 Fortitude save or be infected with a vile disease called devil chills (incubation period 1d4 days, damage 1d4 points of Strength).

Evasive Preceptor (Ex): Gazra can extend his own improved evasion special ability to any creature within 5 feet of him. The effect lasts for 24 hours, but only functions as long as the creature is within 5 feet. Gazra may use this ability twice per day, or at will if within Phlegethon (Phlegethos).

Fear Aura (Su): Gazra can radiate a 20-foot-radius fear aura as a free action. Creatures in the area must succeed on a DC 36 Will save or be affected as though by a fear spell (caster level 30th). A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected again by his aura for 24 hours. Other devils are immune to the aura.

Improved Evasion: Gazra takes half damage on a failed reflex saving throw, and none on a successful save.

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, Gazra must hit a Medium or smaller opponent with his tail slap attack. If he gets a hold, he can constrict.

Improved Uncanny Dodge: Gazra can only be flanked by a rogue of 29th level or higher, and does not lose his Dexterity bonus to armor class when flatfooted.

Poison (Ex): Injury; Fortitude DC 32; initial damage 1d8 Constitution, secondary damage death.

Protective Aura (Sp): Twice per day, (or at will if within Phlegethon (Phlegethos)) Gazra may use a special form of shield other. The protective aura transfers the absorbed damage to Gazra as non-lethal damage.

Regeneration (Ex): Gazra takes normal damage from good-aligned silvered weapons, and from spells or effects with the good descriptor.

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): At will – animate dead, blasphemy, Charm Person, create undead, desecrate, detect good, Detect Magic, greater dispel magic, greater invisibility, greater teleport (self plus 50 pounds only), magic circle against good, major image, mass hold monster, power word stun, produce flame, polymorph, pyrotechnics, suggestion, unholy aura, unhallow, and wall of fire;

1/day – meteor swarm and symbol of pain;

1/year – wish. Caster level 22nd; DC 21 + spell level.

Summon Devils (Sp): Thrice per day, Gazra can automatically summon two Lemures, Osyluths, or Barbed (Hamatulas); or one Erinyes, Horned (Cornugon), or Gelugons.

Uncanny Dodge Enabler: Gazra can extend his own improved uncanny dodge and trap sense abilities to any creature within 5 feet of him. Gazra can use this ability five times per day, or at will if within Phlegethon (Phlegethos). It is otherwise identical to his Evasive Preceptor ability.

Possessions: Gazra wields his rod of tyranny in combat. He is also armored with a +5 ring of protection, a +2 cloak of resistance and a ring of mind shielding. Gazra also wears a suit of specially crafted black leather armor, made from the burnt skins of newborn humanoid babies; legend has it that the souls of those babes that died to make the armor are still tied to the armor, and are tormented in that they can never find surcease. There must be some truth in this, for Amdusias of Malbolge has been quite vocal in his intentions to rend both armor and Gazra if ever he gets the opportunity. In any case, the armor functions as +4 spiked leather armor of minor fortification with no maximum Dexterity bonus or armor check penalty. As Governor of Abriymoch, Gazra can acquire practically any non-epic magic item he desires.

Cohort: Gazra and Fierana's son Saganth attends to his father’s needs, whatever they may be. He largely resembles his mother, with flaming hair and humanoid features, but his powerful lower jaw and fangs are a clear feature from his paternal side. Red and black scales are scattered across his body. Treat Saganth as a pit fiend with the nephilim template and 8 levels of warmage.


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