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The giant Galligantua and the wicked old magician transform the duke's daughter into a white hind. The giant Galligantua and the wicked old magician transform the duke's daughter into a white hind. From The Project Gutenberg eBook, English Fairy Tales, by Flora Annie Steel, Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

Skin color among giants ranges from light tan to deep ruddy brown. Their hair is brown or black, with eyes the same color. Giants wear layers of crudely prepared hides with the fur left on. They seldom wash or repair their garments, preferring to simply add more hides as their old ones wear out.

Adults are about 10-1/2 feet tall and weigh about 1,100 pounds, giants can live to be 200 years old.

Large Giant
Hit Dice
12d8+48 (102 hp)
30 ft. in hide armor (6 squares); base speed 40 ft.
Armor Class
20 (-1 size, -1 Dexterity, +9 natural, +3 hide armor), touch 8, flat-footed 20
Base Attack/Grapple
Greatclub +16 melee (2d8+10) or slam +15 melee (1d4+7) or rock +8 ranged (2d6+7)
Full Attack
Greatclub +16/+11 melee (2d8+10) or 2 slams +15 melee (1d4+7) or rock +8 ranged (2d6+7)
10 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks Rock throwing
Special Qualities
Low-Light Vision, rock catching
Fort +12, Ref +3, Will +4
Strength 25, Dexterity 8, Constitution 19, Intelligence 6, Wisdom 10, Charisma 7
Skills Climb +7, Jump +7, Listen +3, Spot +6
Feats Sunder, Weapon Focus (Greatclub)
Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, Improved
Temperate hills
Solitary, gang (2-5), band (6-9 plus 35% noncombatants), hunting/raiding party (6-9 plus 2-4 dire wolves), or tribe (21-30 plus 35% noncombatants plus 12-30 dire wolves, 2-4 ogres, and 12-22 orcs)
Challenge Rating
Often chaotic evil
By character class
Level Adjustment +4


Giants prefer to fight from high, rocky outcroppings, where they can pelt opponents with rocks and boulders while limiting the risk to themselves.

Giants love to make overrun attacks against smaller creatures when they first join battle. Thereafter, they stand fast and swing away with their massive clubs.

Rock Throwing (Ex) The range increment is 120 feet for a hill giant's thrown rocks.

Giants as Characters

Reckless brutes of incredible strength but little wit, hill giant characters are never truly accepted into society. Yet they do well on its edges and frontiers, forging a strong and profitable existence.
Despite their rugged appearance and great size, their basically humanoid shape makes it easy for them to relate with more civilized folk.

Giant characters possess the following racial traits

+14 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +8 Constitution, -4 Intelligence, -4 Charisma.

Large size -1 penalty to Armor Class, -1 penalty on attack rolls, -4 penalty on Hide checks, +4 bonus on grapple checks, lifting and carrying limits double those of Medium characters.

Space/Reach 10 feet/10 feet.

A hill giant's base land speed is 40 feet.

Low-Light Vision

Racial Hit Dice A Giant begins with twelve levels of giant, which provide 12d8 Hit Dice, a base attack bonus of +8, and base saving throw bonuses of Fort +8, Ref +4, and Will +4.

Racial Skills A Giant's giant levels give it skill points equal to 15 x (2 + Intelligence modifier). Its class skills are Climb, Jump, Listen, and Spot.

Racial Feats A Giant's giant levels give it five feats.

+9 natural armor bonus

Special Attacks (see above) Rock throwing.

Special Qualities (see above) Rock catching.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency A giant is automatically proficient with simple weapons, martial weapons, light and medium armor, and shields.

Automatic Languages Giant. Bonus Languages: Any 5

Favored Class Barbarian

Level adjustment +4


To Monsters

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