Punishment using Magic

Crime and Punishment

Author Keith Baker

Series Campaign Style

Publisher Atlas Games

Publish date 2003

Other options depend on the level of magic that’s available to the court. lesser geas and geas/quest are both highly effective short-term solutions, but the effects may not last long enough to handle a pilgrimage or an extended quest. mark of justice, greater mark of justice, and sentinel stones can all enforce a particular type of behavior for an extended period of time.

When dealing with geas/quest, mark of justice, and sentinel stones, be aware that the caster can either demand a course of action (‘Return
with the Crown of Gol within six days- time’), command that you refrain from a specific action (‘Cause no harm to any human being’), or both at once (‘You will leave this land as quickly as possible, and then never return’). Taboo – only allows you to forbid a course of action, but it has more powerful short-term effects than geas. While geas and taboo spells have a limited duration, part of a geas could involve returning on a regular basis to have the spell refreshed; in a sense, this would be a form of mystical probation.

New Spell:

New Wondrous Items:

Knowledge (Arcana or Religion) (Charisma)

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