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George Stubbs (1724–1806) Whistlejacket Date about 1762George Stubbs (1724–1806) Whistlejacket Date about 1762

Celtic Druids and the Tuatha
de Dannan

By Dominique Crouzet
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on the followng website

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Equines domain is related to horses and travel, and is the exclusive domain of
Epona the goddess of horses.

You gain the feat Skill Focus [Riding] for free.

Domain Spells

1. Mount.
Summons riding horse for 2 hr./level.
2. Speak with Animals.
You can communicate with natural horses.
3. Freedom of Movement.
Subject moves normally despite impediments.
4. Phantom Steed. Magical horse
appears for 1 hour/level.
5. Animal Growth. One horse/two
levels doubles in size and HD.
6. Find the Path. Shows most
direct way to a location.
7. Animal Shapes. One ally/level
polymorphs into a horse.

8. Peerless Charge. 10 horses /
level are protected from harm during a charge.

9. Chariot of Sustarre. Creates
a chariot of fire and light to transport people across the sky.

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Cleric Domains
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