The Hashshashin

Leader – Hasan Sabbah

A mysterious band of assassins that originated in the Middle East. The group has banded together in order to establish a Utopian state. Because their number is small, the group uses guerrilla tactics in their battles against enemies, including espionage, sabotage, and, most famously, political assassination. Around the world they plant highly trained moles inside enemy strongholds, with instructions to only attack when the time is right. Known for their extreme discretion in minimizing civilian casualties, as well as their penchant for using stealth to intimidate their targets.

Enemy leaders will often wake in the morning to find a dagger lying on their pillow, along with a note saying “you are in our grip.” Their legend has grown, and they have become rich as contract killers, performing jobs for many heads of state. The group’s uses drugs and other intoxicants before a kill.

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