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The Scandinavian kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, having all experienced political instability, came together in the Union of Midgard. Midgard was once the ancient norse name for The Middle earth the land between Asgard and Hel placed in the middle of Yggdrasil. By the terms of this union, all three countries choose a single monarch to rule them all, but are otherwise more or less self-governing.

Although each kingdom had a high degree of autonomy, there was constant friction between them, sometimes breaking out into open war. It was a personal union that joined under a single monarch the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden Finland and Norway, together with Norway's overseas dependencies (then including Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the Northern Isles). The Union was not quite continuous; there were several short interruptions. Legally the countries remained separate sovereign states, but with their domestic and foreign policies being directed by a common monarch.

There is the perpetual struggle between the monarch, who wants a strong unified state, and the nobility which does not. Diverging interests have given rise to a conflict that would hampered the union in several intervals until its recent breakup.

Scandinavia is surrounded by an impassable ocean inhabited by Jormungand. Midgard is also the name of the wall  that the gods constructed from the eyebrows of the giant Ymir as a defence against the Jotuns who lived in Jotunheim, west of Mannheim, "the home of men,". An intermediate world between Asgard and Hel. It was said to have been formed from the flesh and blood of Ymir, his flesh constituting the land and his blood the oceans, and was connected to Asgard by the Bifrost Bridge, guarded by Heimdall.

Midgard will be destroyed in Ragnarok, the battle at the end of the world. Jormungand will arise from the ocean, poisoning the land and sea with his venom and causing the sea to rear up and lash against the land. The final battle will take place on the plain of Vígríðr, following which Midgard and almost all life on it will be destroyed, with the earth sinking into the sea.

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