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When moving across surfaces other than snow and ice it only moves at half speed. A sled comes with the harness needed to pull it. Sleighs are usually pulled by horses or other suitable creatures, but some are propelled by Huge (8-square) sail mechanisms. If the sleigh uses wind propulsion, it has no space for passengers or cargo.

This open carriage uses a pair of runners instead of wheels. It is used to travel across snow and ice.


Large land vehicle
Squares 4 (10 ft. by 10 ft.; 3 feet high or 13 feet high with sail); Cost 100 gp


AC 9; Hardness 5
hp 60 (29)
Base Save +1


Maximum Speed twice the speed of the pulling creature(s) (muscle), or 100 ft. (current); Acceleration half the speed of the pulling creature(s) (muscle), or 30 ft. (current)
CMB +1; CMD 11
Ramming Damage 1d8


Propulsion muscle (pulled; 4 Medium creatures or 1 Large creature; on ice, the creatures must be clawed rather than hoofed) or current (air; 8-square sail; hp 40)
Driving Check Handle Animal or Profession (driver) (in the case of creatures with animal intelligence), Diplomacy or Intimidate (in the case of intelligent creatures pulling the vehicle), or Acrobatics (in the case of air current; +10 to the DC)
Forward Facing toward the creatures pulling the vehicle or the front of the sleigh in the case of air current propulsion
Driving Device reins (muscle propulsion) or rigging (air current propulsion)
Driving Space the two most forward squares of the sleigh
Decks 1

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To Vehicles

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