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The Quintessential Druid
Author Robin O. Duke
Series The Quintessential Series
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2002
Pages 128
ISBN 1-903985-46-6
OGL Section 15 qdru
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Assassin Gauntlet

The secret of making the assassin gauntlet was until very recently reserved to the vitiate maidens. These gauntlets appear to be made up of leaves and vines. They will actively crawl up onto the body of anyone not currently wearing a gauntlet and always attach to the character’s dominant hand (right if the character is ambidextrous). The assassin gauntlet, however, it far larger than a normal gauntlet and though it covers the lower arm and hand completely, tendrils will flow out over the body of the wearer, wrapping themselves about the opposing shoulder and neck.

Medium plant (Magic Item); CR -; HD: 4d8 + 12 (30 hp); Init: -; Speed -; AC -; Face / Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft. / 5 ft.; SA: entangle, SQ: Electricity Immunity, Cold and Fire Resistance 20, Blindsight; SV: Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +5; Strength 12, Dexterity 12, Constitution 12, Intelligence -, Wisdom 13, Charisma 9

The assassin gauntlet is a modified form of assassin vine. Though completely immune to electrical damage itself, it offers its wearer only 5 points of resistance against electricity. Only the gauntlet benefits from its resistance to fire and cold. Using the gauntlet, a wearer can make unarmed attacks as though he were armed and inflict 1d6 points of slashing damage. While using the gauntlet, it will guide his actions using its sense, so the character can fight as though he possessed the Blind Fight feat. As a free action, the wearer of the gauntlet may cause plants within 30 ft. to animate as a free action. This does not affect the wearer but everyone within 30 ft. is affected as though within the area of an entangle spell cast by a 4th level druid (DC 12). This ability lasts for as long as the assassin gauntlet lives or until the wearer or gauntlet dismisses it as a free action.

The assassin gauntlet takes two years to grow. During that time, it must be tended but does not require anything but sun and a continuous supply of small animals and vermin to consume. Once the assassin gauntlet has matured, it feeds off its owner. It must be worn for at least 8 hours each week and adds 2 gp to the monthly living cost of the owner. The owner must make a Will save (DC 18) to remove the gauntlet at all. When initially created, the assassin gauntlet can also be granted a magical enchantment. This increases the cost as normal for a magic weapon and follows the normal rules for a slashing melee weapon. If the caster level of the magic weapon enchantments is higher than 7, the difficulty for the Knowledge (nature) check and the assassin gauntlet’s saves should be increased accordingly.

Caster level: 7th, Prerequisites: Infuse Magic, Craft Magic Arms and Armour, magic fang, the seeds from an assassin vine; Market Price: 47,000 gp (living component - 4,900 gp)

Cobra Whip

druids can use this intimidating weapon because it is a living thing but most would find the prospect distasteful to put it mildly. Only the vitiate maidens and other druids with a strong association with venomous or reptilian creatures like to use this weapon. At first appearance, the weapon appears to be a Whip but when wielded it is quickly revealed as a venomous snake.

Small Animal (Magic Item); CR -; HD 1d8 (4 hp); Init -; Speed -; AC -; Face / Reach 5 ft. by 5 ft. / 5 ft.; SA Poison, SQ Scent; AL N; SV Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +5; Strength 6, Dexterity 17, Constitution 11, Intelligence 1, Wisdom 12, Charisma 2

This cobra whip is created from an asp or similar venomous snake. It is wielded at the tail and its body has a sleek appearance that makes it appear like a whip. It has three heads instead of one and each is capable of inflicting a terrible bite. It bites anyone it hits, dealing 1d4 + 2 points of damage plus its poison. The damage can be considered piercing, slashing and bludgeoning. The poison the whip injects has an initial and secondary damage of 1d6 temporary Constitution damage (DC 10 + ½ the whip’s caster level + the whip’s Constitution modifier).

The snake attacks as a +2 weapon, granting a +2 enhancement bonus to attack and damage. A character not proficient in the use of a whip suffers the normal penalty when wielding the weapon.

Caster level: 6th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armour, Infuse Armour, a live snake and poison, viper strike; Market Price: 15,000 gp, Cost to Create: 7,450gp + 600 XP + a live snake.

ironwood (New Weapon, Armour and Shield Special Quality)

Any weapon, armour or shield constructed from wood can receive this enchantment. In addition to its other magical qualities, the weapon will now be considered made from iron instead of wood. The weapon’s physical appearance remains unchanged but its qualities; hardness and hit points are changed accordingly.

Caster level: 11th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armour, ironwood; Market Price: +2

Ring of Second Chances

This simple silver ring is decorated with the elongated form of a feline, its paws gracefully outstretched around the ring’s length. When donned, the ring grants the wearer the rhetorical nine lives of a cat. When found, this item has 2d4 + 1 charges remaining though Games Masters should note that this item can never be taken from a dead body (for reason which will become evident). Should the wearer of this ring die, the ring immediately vanishes. Within 1d4 hours, the wearer will reappear, in a new body, as though a Reincarnate spell had been cast upon him. This use of the ring expends one charge from the ring. The wearer can expend two charges from the ring when he dies and choose which form he returns in. Immaterial of the new form, the character will be wearing the ring in a form suitable to the new creature’s body type when he reappears.

Caster level: 9th, Prerequisites: Forge Ring, Reincarnate; Market Price: 16,200 gp

The Tree of the Dead

The image of the tree of the dead has been engrained firmly in the minds of the general population. It plays a part in the folklore of many nations and is widely believed to be a unique and potent mystical site. In truth, many darker druids have created trees of the dead all across the land. Each tree, a yew whenever possible, is twisted and warped by the powerful magics invested within it but strangely tends to live longer than normal for a tree of its type. Their bark is scarred with Ogham symbols outlining the vast paths of death and rebirth that druids believe their spirits follow, travelling in and out of The Otherworld in an endless cycle. Human skeletons hang from the branches of the trees and four human skulls are placed at the base of the trunk, each staring out toward one of the four corners of the world.

By touching a tree of the dead, a druid can use the following spells:
scarecrow (1 charge)
† Naturewatch (1 charge)
Contagion (1 charge)
Decomposition (1 charge)
† Last breath (1 charge)
unhallow (2 charges)
Finger of death (2 charges)

Caster level: 15th, Prerequisites: Infuse Magic, Craft Staff, scarecrow, naturewatch, Contagion, Decomposition, last breath, unhallow, finger of death; Market Price: 128,000gp

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