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Liber Mysterium
The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks

By Timothy S. Brannan and The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks Team
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Witches, by their very nature are mysterious and thus have a number of new and mysterious spells.

0 Level Witch Spells (Hexes, Charms, or Leys depending on alignment)
Arcane Mark Inscribes a personal rune (visible or invisible)
Cure Minor Wounds Cures 1 point of damage
Dancing Lights Figments torches or other lights
Daze Creature loses next action
Detect Magic Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Detect Poison Detects poison in one creature or small object
Ghost Sound Figments sound
Guidance +1 on one roll, save or check
Inflict Minor Wounds Touch attack, 1 point of damage
Light Object shines like torch
Mending Makes minor repairs on an object
Quick Sleeping Puts willing target to sleep. (New)
Quick Wakening Wakes target up from normal sleep. (New)
Read Magic Read scrolls and spellbooks
Resistance Subject gains +1 on saving throws
Spirit of the Season Slows elemental creatures (-2 to initiative). (New)
Virtue Subject gains 1 temporary hp

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1st Level Witch Spells
Air Bubble Creates a small pocket of breathable air that surrounds the touched creature’s head or the touched object.
Bane Enemies suffer -1 attack, -1 saves against fear
Bless Growth Improves growth of plants, adult creature, or mother. (New)
Bless Allies gain +1 attack and +1 on saves against fear
Blight Growth Detracts growth of plants, adult creature, or mother. (New)
Cause Fear One creature flees for 1d4 rounds
Change self Changes one's appearance
Charm Person Makes one person your friend
Command One subject obeys one-word command for 1 round
Comprehend Languages Understand all spoken and written languages
Cure Light Wounds Cures 1d8+1 / level damage (max +5)
Deathwatch Sees how wounded subjects within 30 ft. are
Doom One subject suffers -2 on attacks, damage, saves, and checks
Dowse Leads caster to object. (New)
Endure Elements Ignores 5 damage / round from one energy type
Enhanced Taste Makes tasting ability more sensitive.
Frostbite Your melee touch attack deals 1d6 points of nonlethal cold damage
Ghostly Slashing Causes 1d4+1 per level slashing damage. (New)
Glamour Makes target appear more attractive or ugly (New)
Hold Winds Freezes normal winds. (New)
Hypnotism Fascinates 2d4 HD of creatures
Identify Determines single feature of magic items
Ill Omen You afflict the target with bad luck.
Inflict Light Wounds Touch, 1d8+1 / level damage (max +5)
Minor Fighting Prowess Caster gains +1 bonus to attack rolls, additional +1 per 2 levels. (New)
Moonstone Creates a magic stone to affect luck. (New)
Pop Corn Corn pops in area, slowing creature and affects spellcasting. (New)
Protection against Chaos/Law/Evil/Good +2 AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsides
Remove Sickness You quell feelings of illness and nausea in the target.
Shattering the Hourglass The witch's body changes its age. (New)
Silent Image Creates minor illusion of your design
Silver Tongue Gain +10 bonus to 1 Charisma based skill check, affects 1 sentence only (New)
Sleep Put 2d4 HD of creatures into comatose slumber
Sonic Blast 2d4 sonic damage, deafens for 1d6 rounds. (New)
Summon Nature's Ally I Calls creature to fight
Synthesis Heals 1d4 HP per round while in sunlight, 1 round per level (max 5 rounds). (New)
Ventriloquism Throws voice for 1 min / level
Vertigo Subject dizzied, -4 to Dexterity
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2nd Level Witch Spells

Aid +1 attack, +1 on saves against fear, 1d8 temporary hit points
Air Walk Minor Hover while walking, 1/2 move, +10 Move Silently, can carefully move over unsteady surfaces. (New)
Alter Self As change self, plus more drastic changes
Beguile As charm person, except target is romantically inclined towards you. (New)
Biting Blade Slashing weapon deals extra 1d8 +1 per caster level slashing damage. (New)
Broca's Curse of Babble One subject can speak only babble. (New)
Blindness/Deafness Makes subject deaf or blind
Calm Emotion Calms 1d6 subjects/level, negating emotion effects
Clothes of the Emperor Creates illusory set of clothes. (New)
Consecrate Fills area with positive energy, making undead weaker
Cure Moderate Wounds Cures 2d8+1 / level damage (max +10)
Death Armor Skin becomes acidic, 2d6 acid damage when touched. (New)
Death Knell Kills dying creature, the caster gains 1d8 temporary hp, +2 Strength, and +1 level
Delay Poison Stops poison from harming subject for 1 hour / level
Desecrate Fills area with negative energy, making undead stronger
Detect Thoughts Allows -listening- to surface thoughts
Discord Hidden hostilities become prevalent. (New)
Ears of the Bat Removes sight but increases hearing, +10 to Listen, +4 to Search for secret doors. (New)
Enemy's Heart You cut out an enemy's heart and consume it, absorbing that enemy's power as your own.
Enthrall Captivates all within 100 ft. +10 ft. / level
Escape of the Snake Skin becomes flexible, +10 bonus to Escape Artist checks (New)
Feast of ashes You curse the target with a hunger no food can assuage.
Grasp of the Endless War Touch attack, 1d10 damage for each alignment step target is from you. (New)
Guard Watch Target doesn't need to sleep for the night. (New)
Inflict Moderate Wounds Touch attack, 2d8 +1/ level damage (max +10)
Invisibility Subject is invisible for 10 min/level or until it attacks
Levitate Move yourself, creature or object up or down
Locate Object Senses direction toward object (specific or type)
Magic Circle against Chaos/Law/Evil/Good As protection spells, but 10 ft. radius and 10 min. / level
Magic Circle against Fire, Earth, Water, Fire, Cold As magic circle against evil, but effect elemental creatures only. (New)
Mind Obscure Subject removed from targets mind, can not detect target unless attacked. (New)
Minor Image As silent image, plus some sound
Mirror Image Creates decoy duplicates of the caster (1d4 +1 / three levels, max 8)
Mystic Sleep As sleep, but affects caster level +1d4 hit dice of creatures. (New)
Phantasmal Spirit Creates illusory phantasm, permanent until touched (but not attacked). (New)
Owl's Wisdom Subject gains +4 to Wisdom for 1 min./level.
Pernicious Poison You weaken the target’s defenses against poison.
Scare Panics creatures of less than 6 HD (15-ft. radius)
Speak with Animals The caster can communicate with natural animals
Summon Nature's Ally II Calls creature to fight
Virgin Innocence Makes target believe the caster is innocent of one deed (New)
Whispering Wind Sends a short message one mile / level

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3rd Level Witch Spells

Arctic Grasp Touch attack, 1d6 cold damage / level and target can only take partial actions. (New)
Astral Sense See Astral, Ethereal, or Invisible creatures. (New)
Aura Manipulation Alters aura, alignment, lie from detection. (New)
Babble Victims in 20+5 ft per caster level cone speak babble (New)
Bestow Curse -6 to an ability; -4 on attacks, saves, and checks; or 50% chance of losing each action
Clairvoyance/Clairaudience Hear or see at a distance for 1 min. / level
Contagion Infects subject with chosen disease
Continual Fire Creates real flame that doesn't die out through normal means. (New)
Create Food and Water Feeds three humans (or one horse) / level
Create Poppet Creates a small construct to perform tasks for the witch. (New)
Cup of Dust You curse the target with a thirst no drink can quench.
Dance Macabre Dance holds 1 target per level. (New)
Dispel Magic Cancels magical spells and effects
Elemental Armor +8 AC bonus, resistance against energy type 10. (New)
Feral Spirit Gain natural weapon, 1d4+1 damage per level. (New)
Fly Subject can fly.
Tiny Hut Creates shelter for ten creatures
Lesser Strengthening Rite Gains 1d3 Strength and Constitution points. (New)
Lethe Removes memories from subject. (New)
Major Image As silent image, plus sound, smell, and thermal effects
Pain strike Racks the targeted creature with agony
Phantom Lacerations 5d4 damage +2 per level. (New)
Poison Touch deals 1d10 Constitution damage, repeats in 1 min
Remove Blindness/Deafness Cures normal or magical conditions
Remove Curse Frees object or person from curse
Rite of Remote Seeing Caster can see through her familiar's eyes. (New)
Speak with Dead Corpse answers one question / two levels
Spirit of Avalon Calls invisible spirit that will defend caster. (New)
Suggestion Compels subject to follow stated course of action
Summon Nature's Ally III Calls creature to fight
Tongues Speak any language
Wind Wall Deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gases
Witch Wail 5 HD or less take 4d6 sonic damage, and will save to avoid scare affects. Greater than 5 HD take 2d6 sonic damage. (New)
Witch Writing Disguises writing so it can only be seen under certain terms. (New)
Youthful Vigor The target gains the vigor of youth. (New)

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4th Level Witch Spells
Analyze Magic Study magic item or spell to learn about caster or creator. (New)
Black Spot The black spot is a specific and feared pirate curse. (New)
Bounty/Strength to the Unborn Increases the chances that a fetus/embryo/seedling will be born. (New)
Charm Monster Makes monster believe it is your ally
Cleanse Forces evil spirits, undead, and outsiders to leave area. (New)
Discern Lies Reveals deliberate falsehoods
Divination Provides useful advice for specific proposed actions
Divine Power You gain attack bonus, +6 to Strength, and 1 hp/level.
Emotion Arouses strong emotion in subject
Famine All crops in area become inedible. (New)
False Success of the Fool Subject believes that he completed the task at hand despite being not the case. (New)
Fear Subjects within cone flee for 1 round / level
Haste Extra partial action and +4 AC.
Intangible Cloak of Shadows Creates shadow form, inaudible, intangible, partial invisibility, +7 to Hide. (New)
Lesser Planar Ally Exchange services with an 8 HD outsider
Locate Creature Indicates direction to familiar creature
Martyr's Cry Scream, if caster dies in 1 hr, all who heard scream save or cursed (New)
Masque The bard looks like multiple targets close friends (New)
Minor Creation Creates one cloth or wood object
Moonstruck You invoke the mystical power of the moon to drive the target into a mad, bestial frenzy.
Neutralize Poison Detoxifies venom in or on subject
Nightmare Sends vision dealing 1d10 damage, fatigue
Polymorph Other Gives one subject a new form
Polymorph Self The witch assume a new form
Scrying Spies on subject from a distance
Spiritual Dagger Athame becomes possessed, animated creature. (New)
Summon Nature's Ally IV Calls creature to fight
Undead Destruction Destroy undead as good cleric. (New)
Undead Enslavement Rebuke undead as evil cleric. (New)
Withering Touch Touch attack, 2d8 points of strength and Constitution in any combination removed. (New)

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5th Level Witch Spells

Animal Growth One animal/two levels doubles in size and HD.
Blade Resistance Damage resistance 25/+5 against metal only. (New)
Bull of Heaven Animal gains +6 to all ability scores, becomes fiendish or celestial. (New)
Dismissal Forces a creature to return to native plane
Dreadful Bloodletting 7d8 damage +2 per level, save or be stunned. (New)
Dream Sends message to anyone sleeping
Endless Sleep Target falls asleep until caster's criteria is met. (New)
False Vision Fools scrying with an illusion
Feeblemind Subject's Intelligence drops to 1
Greater Command As Command, but affects one subject / level
Hallow Designates location as Holy
Immunity Target becomes immune to poisons. (New)
Magic Jar Enables possession of another creature
Major Creation As minor creation, plus stone and metal
Make Fertile Make something previously infertile capable of creating life. (New)
Mirage Arcana As hallucinatory terrain, plus structures
Pain Strike, Mass This spell works like pain strike, except as noted above.
Phantasmal Killer Fearsome illusion kills subject or deals 3d6 damage
Primal Scream 5 HD or less take 6d6 sonic damage, greater than 5 takes 4d6, all subjects must save or Scare. (New)
Seeming Changes appearance of one person/two levels
Sending Delivers short message to anywhere instantly
Schreck Scream causes Fear. (New)
Song of Discord Forces targets to attack each other.
Summon Nature's Ally V Calls creature to fight
Symbol of Pain M Triggered rune wracks nearby creatures with pain.
Symbol of Sleep M Triggered rune puts nearby creatures into catatonic slumber.
Unhallow Designates location as Unholy

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6th Level Witch Spells

Animate Objects Objects attack your foes
Control Outcome of Birth The caster can choose outcome (gender, amount,) of birth. (New)
Curse of Lycanthropy Causes a person to become infected with lycanthropy. (New)
Eyebite Charm, Fear, Sicken or Sleep one subject
False Memory Implants a flase memory or covers up a true one. (New)
Find the Path Shows most direct way to a location
Geas/Quest As lesser geas, plus it affects any creature
Greater Scrying As scrying, but faster and longer
Heroes' Feast Food for one creature/level cures and blesses
Holy Steed Calls winged, celestial unicorn to serve as mount for one day. (New)
Itchweed Caster can consume poison and pass it on with touch attack. (New)
Legend Lore Learn tales about a person, place, or thing
Mass Suggestion As suggestion, plus one/level subjects
Mislead Turns caster invisible and creates illusory double
Moonbow Ranged touch deal 1d8+1 per caster level (+15 max), fire 3 per round, Deals double damage against lycanthropes. (New)
Permanency Makes certain spells permanent; costs XP
Project Image Illusory double can talk and cast spells
Repulsion Creatures can't approach the caster
Restoration Restores level and ability score drains
Summon Nature's Ally VI Calls creature to fight
Symbol of Fear Triggered rune panics nearby creatures.
Symbol of Persuasion Triggered rune charms nearby creatures.
Symbol of Sealing This spell allows you to scribe a potent rune of power upon or above a door or other opening.
True Seeing See all things as they really are
Unholy Steed Calls Nightmare to serve as mount for one night. (New)
Wall of Roses Creates wall of roses, 2d10+1 damage to anyone passing through, 1d3+1 rounds to break. (New)
Wave of Mutilation 10- cone +1 ft per level deals 12d6 damage. (New)

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7th Level Witch Spells

Blind Love Subject falls in love with any creature that you want him to. (New)
Control Weather Changes weather in local area
Creeping Doom Carpet of insects attacks at caster's command
Dominate Person Controls humanoid telepathically
Insanity Subject suffers continuous confusion
Liveoak Oak becomes treant guardian
Magickal Conception Makes a woman pregnant via magic. (New)
Planar Ally As lesser planar ally, but up to 16 HD
Planar Binding As lesser planar binding, but up to 16 HD
Repel Wood Pushes away wooden objects
Summon Nature's Ally VII Calls creature to fight
Symbol of Stunning M Triggered rune stuns nearby creatures.
Symbol of Weakness Triggered rune weakens nearby creatures.
Transport Via Plants Move instantly from one plant to another of the same species

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8th  Level Witch Spells
Antipathy Object or location affected by spell repels certain creatures
Crossbreed Allow two incompatible races to have an offspring. (New)
Discern Location Exact location of creature or object
Etherealness Travel to Ethereal Plane with companions.
Finger of Death Kills one subject
Grotesque Polymorph Subjects get ugly deformities, resulting in impediments and aversion. (New)
Horrid Wilting Deals 1d8 damage / level within 30 ft
Plane Shift Up to 8 subjects travel to another plane
Polymorph any Object Changes any subject into anything else
Summon Nature's Ally VIII Calls creature to fight
Symbol of Death Triggered rune slays nearby creatures.
Symbol of Insanity M Triggered rune renders nearby creatures insane.
Sympathy Object or location attract certain creatures
Trap the Soul Imprisons subject within gem

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9th Level Witch Spells

Astral Projection Projects caster and companions into Astral plane
Dominate Monster As dominate person, but any creature
Earthquake Intense tremor shakes 5 ft. / level radius
Foresight -Sixth sense- warns of impending danger
Magickal Creation A new life is created without a father or mother. (New)
Refuge Alters item to transport its possessor to the caster
Shape Change Transforms you into any creature, can change forms once per round
Soul Bind Traps newly dead soul to prevent resurrection
Suffocation, Mass This spell functions as suffocation except as noted.
Summon Nature's Ally IX Calls creature to fight
Symbol of Strife All creatures within the radius of a symbol of strife are compelled to attack the nearest conscious creature.
Unveil the Truth Subject's true identity, personality, and deeds are revealed to witnesses. (New)
Vile Extension Makes the caster's body younger. (New)
Wail of the Banshee Kills one creature / level
Weird As phantasmal killer, but affects all within 30 ft.

Spell Notes: At 4th level and every two levels thereafter, the witch can exchange one of her Spells Known for any other spell from the witch spell list. When casting any witchcraft spell with a Divine Focus, the witch may substitute a sprig of belladonna.


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